I swear these shots are the two seconds right before a truly epic fight scene between us and the quarantine zombie horde.

Anyways we're married now.

Look out zombies.

@randomgeek If anyone's gonna slay those zombies, it's those people right there.

@randomgeek so very happy for you two! remember, back to back and try to keep your swings synchronized and I'm sure you'll be okay.

@djsundog as she said just now when I read your reply out loud

"this ain't our first rodeo"

@thegibson @randomgeek

It's my understanding that is what "now" means.

@jonw @thegibson the marriage itself happened a few hours ago, officiated by a friend who got ordained so we wouldn't have to worry about whether the courthouse was open.

@randomgeek @jonw @thegibson I don't know, I think you look pretty dashing in these pics. 🙂

@randomgeek @thegibson

We, of the Fediverse, accept your delayed announcement and allow you to keep your membership herein.


You're the only person on the entire internet that looks better today than in their carefully selected profile pic.

I mean, no offence to your profile pic, but you're both rocking it in these pics. Congrats!

@jonw that's my secret, cap. My profile pic's never that carefully selected.

@randomgeek Congratulations! Looking forward to following your zombie-fighting adventures.

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