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@randomgeek I think I need an Emacs function that makes my Emacs work like "person-x's favourite editor" during a joint editing session.

I think I'm the only Emacs user in my office environment. 😃

@sohkamyung I've had a similar wish over the years with Vim. Fortunately I have one coworker who uses Emacs, so it's less urgent.

Given sufficient knowledge of ELisp and person-x's preferences, one could probably fake something up.

I'm also looking at stuff like the Doom themes for a less crusty aesthetic.

Ohhh.. I thought this was going to be an article about Avy or Ace jump. You know.. "zooming" to text you can see on your screen, without reaching for the mouse.

I wonder why these shortcuts are prefixed by C-x. It's perfectly safe to bind them directly to C--, C-=, C-0 just like in a web browser.

@psyklax I'm still learning Emacs, so that was a specific bit related to the scenario described in the post.

My first guess is that they went with these bindings because Emacs users have already built up `C-x` muscle memory for opening / saving files etc.

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