@randomgeek I read WSL as WSDL *every time* and can never understand why people are so excited about it all of a sudden. It's probably my favorite misread.

@jgaskins oh man I remember thinking WSDL was gonna be *so* awesome.

@jgaskins speaking of "so awesome" I think I saw your name while skimming the Crystal language forums. Been playing a little more seriously with it myself, enough to start being surprised by not-Ruby bits ^_^

@randomgeek hehe I noticed you liked one of my posts! It was very exciting!

I've been really enjoying Crystal! It's always surprising how much fun it is. Would you like to do some pairing some time?

@jgaskins Sure! Though right now my limited spare time is going through "Understanding Computation" with Go.

@randomgeek No worries, no rush. :-) Whenever you’ve got available time and energy.

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