Revisiting drawing basics via Mark Kistler "You Can Draw in 30 Days".

Doing lessons on paper and in Krita w/Intuos tablet. Krita skills — well — I'll get there.

Lesson 1: Sphere

Including Krita in my drawing practice because at some point I need it for larger art pieces. Neither my iPad nor my Note are quite up to that task.

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Kistler 30 Days, Lesson 2: Overlapping Spheres

Flailing for ways to make my circles look like circles in Krita. Also writing. Graphics tablets are hard on the brain.

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The paper version of today's sketch was twenty minutes while drinking first coffee.

The Krita version is at about an hour now and a long ways to go. Good news, though: I'm learnding!

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Kistler 30 Days, Lesson 3: Advanced Spheres

Seeing how I'd use Krita in real workflow, rather than as primary sketch tool. Making that an explicit goal for future practice.

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Kistler 30 days, Level 3 Bonus Challenge.

Shifting to more like a real workflow: sketch, scan, finish in Krita. Finishing will be tonight.

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Kistler 30 Days, Lesson 4: The Cube

Sidetracked because Life, but still generally . Don't want to forget this project though!

Krita part will be inconsistent, but I'll see what I can do.

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Kistler 30 Days, Lesson 5: Hollow Cube

Used pen and color pencil to polish today's sketch.

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Kistler 30 Days, Lesson 6: Stacking Tables.

revelation that hatching can be like scratchy stippling. Doesn't need to be uniform.

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Delete & re-draft did some funkiness (compressing a compressed image maybe?), re-uploading original image so I can compare & contrast. Sorry for thread noise, but that's the joy of a process dump thread.

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Kistler 30 Days, Lesson 7: Advanced-Level Cubes

extras include fun with an odd light direction, and adventures in pen shading techniques (sort of a crackly stipple/hatch).

(posted to twitter earlier, but h.t is the real thread so posting here now that it's back up)

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Kistler 30 Days, Lesson 8: cool koalas.

extras include marker color (maybe better on different paper), and a subject change because PEOPLE MUST BE WARNED

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Kistler 30 Days, Lesson 9: The Rose.

Kind of rushed through it. Should maybe eat breakfast?

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Kistler 30 Days, Lesson 10: The Cylinder.

Had loads of fun adding extras today.

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This will probably take a bit. Plus, I started the pen early because the pencil details were already smudging.

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Kistler 30 Days, Lesson 11: Advanced Cylinders.


Loaded into Procreate to add color to the , and deliberately went sloppy with that stage. Sloppy made me itch but it was just too fussy.

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Kistler 30 Days, Lesson 12: Constructing With Cubes.

After all the extras last time, I went with pencil and a constraint: no erasing.

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Kistler 30 Days, Lesson 13: Advanced-Level Houses.

includes Phil and Dixie shoutout for other olds.

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You'd make for a great monster manual illustrator

@Bronco That would be awesome.

Going through these lesson books so I can get used to the idea of assigned work & commissions, rather than whatever pops up in my head.

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