Dreaming of the Mastodon future, here’s a feature I’d love to see. The ability to Follow a specific post. Now and then I see someone ask a question or start a discussion, and I don’t have anything to add, but I’d like to see how it develops. And be notified when there are responses. And I’d also like to see _all_ the replies, not just the ones that happen to make it to my server.

This is a thing I do on Slack often, tag a post with “notify me of replies”.

@renatoram yeah, leveraging the existing bookmark feature is not a bad idea for an expedient way to implement it (and also not requiring special support from other servers). Being able to push the follow back to the originating server would be super cool to see easily tap into the “entire” reply chain of the post, but I could also see that creating an NxN explosion of stuff for a server to track, so might be challenging.

@rafial back in Google+ we would do this by replying with a single full stop. It was a bit ugly but it worked.

@BrianBloodaxe yeah, I remember that. I think however in Mastodon, you’ll only get notified about “replies to your reply” and not replies to the original post. A consequence of Mastodon’s “interleaving streams” model of posting as opposed to the G+/FB/Diaspora model of “trees of comments”

@rafial Freindica has that and is a useful feature. Definitely useful if you want to follow a conversation but not want to engage.

@tio oh nice! So great that federation allows different parts of the ecosystem to innovative cool features independently

@rafial you can bookmark them, then just check in on yr bookmarks every now and again. not the same thing, and I also wish(ed) yr wish

Misskey does that… but it’s the only fediverse compatible software i know which does

@Guerin it was mentioned by @tio that Friendica also has this feature

@Guerin Misskey looks pretty groovy, TBH. If I didn’t love my community so much, I might go wandering ;)

UI is pretty slick yes, more modern and appealing to me than mastodon’s. A lot of features, some of them quite useless tho, the project has been maintained by one person only for a long time But definitely a really good option when it comes to fediverse, yes.

@rafial good idea, and I would start by following your actual post

@rafial Yeah, to me this feels like an evolution of the "bookmark" feature. Because right now, with the bookmark feature basically I just bookmark a post and then forget that I did. I definitely would love to have a way to follow up. this option exists on Miskkey :nkosunglasses:

I think it's a basic feature, I don't understand why it doesn't exist yet on Mastodon and Pleroma

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