@estoricru I have never had any kind of experience with employee monitoring software beyond the IT department being able to Remote Desktop into a computer I am on (at work) if they want to covertly watch me.

Barack Obama claimed the government got back “every dime used to rescue the banks.” Meanwhile, ProPublica’s ongoing “Bailout Tracker” reported a total net government profit of $96.6 billion


The Obama bailout was also a “loan”. Therefore, this bill is a corporate bailout. This is how they twist the facts.

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I referred to the coronavirus bill as a corporate bailout, and someone corrected me by saying that actually it’s a loan. Now I’m reading the news and it’s being called a bailout.

What’s more accurate? Are bailouts usually loans? Are the two terms contradictory?

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Wonder how it feels to play Go on a wraparound board. Meaning all of the first line points are also the first line point on the opposite side of the board, and 1-1 is all four 1-1 points at the same time. Has it been tried this way? Hmm...

No edges makes it an entirely different game, as most of the focus is usually on enclosing corners and sides. The entire game would be a fight for the ‘middle’ and I’d expect a lot of fighting and very little territory.

Was listening to Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell and I learned a new word.


“process of reasoning that seeks to resolve moral problems by extracting or extending theoretical rules from a particular case, and reapplying those rules to new instances”

It sounds a lot like the way that judges interpret laws, that is, with precedents.

Now I have a word to describe how I reason about things.

(Why is there a char limit now?)

@technoid_ Actually realizing now that I wasn’t clear in my intention with that statement. I noticed that I do things on my breaks at work, or during my drive. When all of my thinking time is divided up into little moments here and there, it’s as if my time is being fragmented. That’s what I mean by “defrag my life”.

[typed from the toilet, at work]

Having deep thoughts while sitting at stoplights after getting 10 hours of sleep last night, because I collapsed from exhaustion. Wish I could Defrag my life.

The better the sandwich, the more you really have to wonder why your home address is worth that much to them.

Don’t know how to categorize these ideas but they feel like they fit together into some kind of design paradigm or strategy. Simplify Aggressively
1) Maybe we don’t need this part
2) If we can’t do it, what happens if we try anyway?

Free sandwich in exchange for your home address. State issued Identification required. Do you take that deal?

What was in that bill that just got passed? I’m trying to find info but news articles are only reporting on stuff that’s relevant to C19. I’ve heard that both sides are trying to sneak some riders into it that aren’t relevant to helping with the virus, but in a page of articles nobody mentioned that. I guess I just have to read the text of the bill directly, as usual...

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The ultimate refute to most any ‘whataboutism’ is “Yes, that too. But still this.”

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It's strange to see how desktop environments are treated like distros now. They have so much control over the low level stuff. Just feels wrong.

Now, because the DE handles so much of this, there will be less attention given to ways to manually do things through simple text file configuration. I really prefer plaintext configuration.

This song just seems appropriate for the times. Jim always puts me in a good mood. Disaster Capitalism, ya’all!


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