I'm a privacy advocate who plays Go, does that make me Kyu-anon?

The privacy subreddit is pretty lame...


Lame question, sure, but the answers ain't great either. In a better world, that question should be answered with "look in the sidebar, this question gets asked all the time, guide to sweeping for bugs is on the wiki" but no.. mock the guy instead.

I'm only partway serious. That guy is obviously just casually asking.

I remember hearing a podcast where this topic was discussed, but I couldn't find it in over an hour, so uh.. I gave up.

Ha! Found it! m.soundcloud.com/user-98066669

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Newpipe has been tracking me lately. "Related videos" shows me things related to my watch history rather than ONLY the video I just watched (which was far more useful). Not sure when it started doing this, feels like about a month ago.

Side note: It was better without comments too. But I disabled those in preferences.

My internet usage is designed to be directed, intentional, and to the point. I don't like being led around by the nose with clickbait.

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The first person to do something doesn't use a tutorial.

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I forget sometimes that there is news about things other than politics. Ah, so refreshing. They probably aren't trying to deceive. I don't have to go and vet the information myself. I can let my guard down.

I tried plugging a keyboard into my using a USB-C hub with power. Doesn't seem to work... What am I not understanding?

I installed xfce on it and felt the crushing feeling of bad performance lift from me. Gave me hope that this phone isn't underpowered, actually.

<<sarcastically>> Depeche Mode is some great Valentines Day tunes.

That's what I'm in the mood for. Sad songs.

My hasn't turned on the last few times I tried...


All I need in my is power management and internet connectivity, and it's ready to be my daily driver.

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"I'll do that later when I have money"

is another thing I often find myself saying. So, I don't have time, and I don't have money.

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"I'll come back to that later, when I have free time"

It's tomorrow now. I still don't have free time, and I'm generating more tasks to not have free time for.

longpost about free vs. open source software 

Has connected to my wifi and loaded duckduckgo in the browser. The interface hasn't lagged a bit, yet. There are navigation buttons, and the UI is properly scaled. No crashes, no lockups, apps get loaded up in a reasonable time.

I have a new favorite.

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So there are multiple distros for , they're mostly open source, but their hardware support varies. Why is that? Shouldn't the work done on drivers be cross-compatible across the distros?

I'm about to pop Manjaro on there, and I think I'm going to stick with it. It has no support for phone calls or SMS, but that should be possible to fix, given time and effort.

Yeah, it crashed. Turned completely off. I think the charger I was using was causing problems. Unplugged it and it started acting almost normal.

Have to take back what I said about the UI scaling in LuneOS. Everything is scaled too small, only fills the top left corner of the screen, but when you touch it, it refreshes the UI and scales properly.

LuneOS is still the best user experience I've had so far.

Giving it a break for now.

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Now trying .... it's refreshingly normal. Doing initial set up. Time zone, language... nice.... clicking on stuff actually selects it, the UI is scaled properly AAAAAAND then the screen turned off... did the phone just crash?...

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I launched the browser earlier and it never finished loading duckduckgo. Then the phone crashed

Now absolutely nothing works!

It boots... There are apps. They don't run. Brightness doesn't adjust, screen stays on, power button does nothing.

Wifi is no longer responding and is not connected to anything.

This would be the most hilarious unboxing video. I'm so forgiving of shortcomings, I expect so little, and yet....

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