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oooh. That line between public online and "private" online is blurry again for me this morning.

By private online, of course I mean places like this where I'm more open and myself and less worried about my professional presence.

Today this came up because I put out my newsletter and thought about sharing it with work colleagues before I realized it links to which has links to all facets of my online self, as well as my personal blog.

It's not like any of this stuff is hidden and I have no delusions that someone with a little diligence couldn't find me. But I don't advertise it, right?

So the question is raised again about how I want to handle things so I can share my work freely but still keep these semi-private spaces for myself.

The 46th issue of the magazine I run just came out!

If you'd like to read some stellar sci-fi/fantasy stories by up and coming women-identified authors, check it out! (the usual patreon and digital links and PRINT copies are there, too).

Just thinking about how "adult activities for mindfulness" like coloring or building legos or model kits, etc. are really just hobbies with a different name.

Mindfulness? Sure, you can call it that, but before the perpetual hustle became all-pervasive and any activity that one undertook became an avenue to entrepreneurship and an Etsy store, there were hobbies.

I'd prefer to reclaim hobbies rather than disruptively rename them, but I'm just a cranky old Gen-Xer, what do I know.

Nick Cave - The Red Hand Files - Issue #150 - How to find yourself again when you feel like you have strayed so far from who you used to be? : The Red Hand Files

We may feel sadness for what we have lost to the past — our freedom, our vigour, our values, our playfulness, our openness to life — but regrets can be a wonderful indicator of how to improve the current condition of our souls.

We watched Henry Rollins's standup the other night and it was awesome. His unabashed expression of his fandom for other people is surprisingly endearing.

The cicadas are still singing their song, looking for love.

I just had to log into Facebook on behalf of @lunastation .

I feel like I need a shower.

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Most of today has been error-driven development with a side order of reading just enough docs to make the code I'm copy/pasting from other parts of the codebase work. 🤠

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Oh are you watching TV today? Maybe reading fanfiction?

You're doing a great job of feeding your creativity right now. Keep absorbing those narratives!


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So, I asked around and apparently in Go there's a delineation between variables declared outside vs inside functions.

Outside, you have to use explicit variable assignments (var name = value) or it won’t compile.

You're only allowed to use implicit assignments (name := value) inside a function.

I haven't been able to uncover WHY, but at least I understand the situation better.

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Ich suche einen #Job in der #IT in #Berlin. Ich kann #PHP, #laravel und möchte im #Backend bleiben. #Linux, #FreeBSD #Serveradministration wäre auch super.
Der Arbeitgeber muss #Trans offen sein.

#Followerpower #plsRT

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yeah as someone who's mostly pretty good at hard video games, making games easier more accessible is extremely good actually

if you're gonna make a really tough game, go the celeste route and have a bunch of accessibility options to help more people enjoy your game to the extent that they can??? obviously

games having a "story" difficulty setting is extremely good and cool. more of that please

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Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you a problem solved ✨

My poor tired eyes would love an e-ink monitor right now.

Report from the land of Brood X. We now welcome our new cicada overlords.

On the recording, you'll hear some birds, some individual cicadas and then the

to mask or not to mask 

Just found out NJ is lifting the indoor mask mandate in just 4 days.

I'm vaccinated, but I don't know how to feel about this. Do I wear a mask? Do I not wear one? I honestly don't know how to feel about that yet.

Brood X is really present the last couple days. Parts of our yard look like swiss cheese. The plants are covered in shells, and their sound is omnipresent.

I'm pleasantly surprised that their sound is not the usual grating cicada sound we hear annually, but this nice low key noise.

So far learning Go has been interesting. It's got a few weird quirks and for something that was initially intended to be written for beginners, I feel like it's way more complicated than it needs to be.

It's pretty idiomatic and there are things in it that are common convention that I just sit here going 🤨 .

The two main examples I have right now are variable assignment and naming.

Variables are formally assigned like var name = value but literally no one does that. Instead, we use name := value. So, wtf is the purpose of even teaching the formal way if no one uses it?

And rather than reasonable variable names, inside functions, most variables are named or aliased to a single letter. Why?!? That's literally the thing in most other languages you're told not to do because it destroys readability.

I dunno. We'll see if this grows on me as time goes on.

Poor in Tech | Meg Elison

"I knew I was the only poor person at my tech startup because I never got over not having to punch a clock."

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