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I’ve been drinking and writing you poetry that says something like
you’re my two shots tequila
You make me hungry, and dizzy and like I want be in this bar forever and have more of you.

1/2 #poetry #corvusrobotica #old #archives

Today’s oracle draw

The Steed

action, agency, efficiency, means

I gotta say, the select/copy/paste functionality on the newer versions of iOS has gone utterly to hell.

I haven’t been able to get to to trigger consistently since upgrading.

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throwback show on right now! dungeon synth and D&D flavor!

hit up for the stream and chat or point your favorite media player at

and don't forget to get in the chat!

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Low resource alternatives to Huginn?

I'm starting to want to run my own stuff myself again (hazardous, I know), and pulling up what looks like an entire LAMP stack just for an RSS munger is a painful prospect.

Today’s oracle draw:

The Ring

reminiscence, reflection, memory, mindfulness

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my old computer
every successful backup
a sigh of relief


Today’s oracle draw:

Three Days Rations

preparedness, planning, forethought, moderation

Favorite new practice: On my team's meetings we take the first minute (set a timer) and folks can use that time to wrap up any messages they're writing or just breathe and reset so they can be present for the meeting.

Spent the afternoon reading comic books. It was so lovely to just chill out, offline, in my favorite spot in the house.

Got T set up with her microphone stand so she and P can play with their podcast idea.

Now I'm just playing around, looking at newsletters in my inbox and chilling while checking out some new-to-me music.

I finally took 5 minutes and organized my terminal sessions. I dunno why I didn't do this before, it's really nice to have my whole app in one window.

I've got 3 panes in each window. Server, Client, and Commands, which is where I run tests or other commands.

Here's a brilliant "lifehack" I picked up from a coworker:

Pull down a duplicate of the project you're working on and get it up and running.

When you're doing code reviews, pull those branches down on that duplicate and do whatever testing you need to do there.

This means you don't have to stop what you're working on and do all kinds of commits and env switching in order to review code.

You can also use it to run experiments, etc. without worrying about mucking up your main env because you can just trash it.

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Tenet spoilers and thoughts 

Watched Tenet last night and...

Okay, I thought Inception was fine, but not as brain-breaking of a piece of cinema as everyone thought if you've watched a lot of old Doctor Who.

Interstellar is one of my top 10 of all time.

Tenet was... too clever for its own good. It was so needlessly complex I got bored and tried just letting it wash over me and that still didn't help.

Also, I get that it's a thing Nolan was trying to do, but having the dialogue so low in the mix made it impossible to keep up. Which makes it feel like he was showing rather than telling how clever he is.

I don't appreciate fiction that actively tries to make me feel stupid.

I will also go back to my pre-Interstellar opinion that Nolan does not know how to write women. Or emotions. That battle scene had no gravitas because I was lost by then and had no emotional investment. I was thoroughly bored by that point.

The Protagonist had no emotional weight in the film, he literally could have been swapped with ANYONE. Branagh played by far the most compelling character and now I wonder if Interstellar would have had the same impact if McConaughey was a lesser actor.

All in all I found it to be a gorgeously-filmed, well-polished turd of a flick.

I would watch it again, with subtitles turned on, to see if there was something I can latch onto there, but it's gonna be a while before I try.

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"Go sit in an uncomfortable chair, in an uncomfortable location, and stare at an uncomfortably small screen with an uncomfortably outdated web browser. How easy is it to use the websites you’ve created?"

As someone currently working in civic tech on a team that is super attentive to user needs, the VAMS project is really pissing me off.

First round of shoveling done. It’s probably futile but I figured taking care of some of the onslaught while it’s still light powder is wise. If we get the projected 15 inches, every little bit helps.

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> [Computer science]‌ is not really about computers -- and it's not about computers in the same sense that physics is not really about particle accelerators, and biology is not about microscopes and Petri dishes...and geometry isn't really about using surveying instruments.
‌ -- Hal Abelson (1986), introduction to the recorded SICP lectures (misattributed to Dijkstra about astronomers and telescopes)

Fun thought: I have a spare hdmi input on my tv. I could hook the pinebook up with that and grab a spare keyboard and mouse I have around.

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