For the curious, I can't share my work terminal, but I CAN share my snazzy personal laptop setup.

I really want to play with my linux setup now. It could be prettier.

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feels like i’m controlling the space station or something.

i wonder if anyone makes a small pestle-like utensil that would work in my regular mugs.

failing to find a ginger chamomile tea without licorice root, i suffice with chamomile and fresh ginger.

however, masticating the ginger with a spoon in the mug is less than efficient. i have a regular mortar and pestle, but that means extra cleanup.

i just want something vaguely like this:

yeah, i'm one of those mind map flow chart people.

trying to break down places i put STUFF while i'm sorting out what a public digital garden might look like for me.

interestingly, i'm less focused on the digital garden idea as a way to connect knowledge. i guess i'm looking to tend various independent plots that form a kaleidoscopic whole.

my main focus is really on an IndieWeb style setup where i can post in just a few places (ideally one) and have it boost itself elsewhere as desired.

parents gave me a nice setup of hand woodworking tools for my birthday! dad made some great choices and gave me an old toolbox to store it all in, too.

got my dual workstation finally set up. i need more art on the wall and better cable management, but i am so damn happy with this!

happy food/money mention 

update: the food was GORGEOUS. plenty left for lunch tomorrow.

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made some little bookmarks out of paper clips today while waiting for tests to run.

i’m using them in my notebooks to make it easier to find the next blank page.

it’s so nice out i couldn’t resist. also yes i dragged my monitor stand and peripherals out here.

today i made tea with a bag of celestial seasonings chamomile with some fresh ginger. it’s so gooood!

i also got a box of this recently and it’s heavenly.

i need to write up a gallery post of all the bits and bobs (and fine the tape deck that goes with this) but my original TI-99/4A has finally made its way home.

here’s the dice bags and dice tray i made recently. they were cheap and simple to make and i’m pleased with how they came out.

i had envisioned something fancier but these feel humble and cozy and will likely be used until they wear out.

i friend just pointed me at and i suddenly feel an urgent need for about 20 different avatars.

there's a "post yourself at 20" thing going around so here's my contribution, along with a selfie from today. digital wasn't around when i was 20, so it's a picture of a picture, but enjoy me and Braveheart in my first apartment, sitting on the love seat that was also my bed (it folded out).

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