This is gonna be a long one, but my company is hiring!

Important details:

  • Civic tech projects, some commercial projects
  • Fully distributed
  • US only (sorry, we have gov't contracts that require this)
  • solid benefits, medical, dental, vision, 401k contributions start in 2022 but it's available now
  • loads of PTO: 20 days vacation, 20 days sick, and all federal holidays + a floating day
  • inclusive and diverse team including leadership

You can learn more about the company culture here:

Our company handbook is public:

Our engineering guide is open source:

In short, the culture is AMAZING. Hands down the best company I've ever worked for.

Want to work with me?

Salary ranges are listed on the job descriptions.

We have openings for:


My company is still hiring for the engineering roles listed on this toot

Please pass along to anyone who might be interested. This company is a fucking unicorn in this industry. Kindness makes a comeback with the skillz to pay the billz.



One of those ones where I get wistful over the idea of having an income, and not going insane at the same time, but then remember I got no credentials nor qualifications other than "hey I wrote these 700 lines of C just now and like 200 lines of Scheme last year and some Python another couple of times, look, it's a hot mess. also I was a proofreader/layout/graphics-design/uploads-to-CMS-for-website person for a newspaper for like four years, that's totally relevant, yes"

also looking at too many interesting Github repositories' READMEs but never actually reading the code, that's totally as good as a CS degree

I'm curious how many people there actually do have college degrees though? Just as a...thing, I've been thinking about this stuff off and on lately and now I'm wondering. Not saying I could actually do any of those jobs...

@autumnal For perspective, I have a high school diploma and am completely self-taught. I’m an L3 now and will be leveling up in the next year or so. Some folks have master’s degrees, other folks are like me. The ability to learn things is more important here than what you walk in the door knowing since we do work with a variety of stacks. I would say it’s helpful to have done some kind of web or infra work previously but there’s a lot of flexibility with that.

It never hurts to submit your resume is what I’m saying. Don’t self-reject yourself needlessly. 💙

@pixelpaperyarn juuust for also perspective, *I* don't have even an HS diploma ahaha x.x I have plans to hopefully rectify that (community college) but ... gah. Point taken though >.< I suppose if nothing else I can try to keep learning.

@autumnal Definitely keep learning!!! I sure didn't land my current job without having to work hard and do a lot of learning over the last decade, but if you keep showing up and keep trying, things really do start sinking in.

I used to feel really hopeless and trapped in shitty jobs. Did that for a long time, but I can honestly say that persistence was the key for me. I kept trying, even when everything sucked, and eventually the hard work really did pay off.

Keep going. 💙

@pixelpaperyarn A couple of these look pretty interesting to me! I'll dig through and see what y'all are about

@pixelpaperyarn I passed on your post to some qualified candidates that I would highly recommend. I’m not looking. Best of luck.

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