Something that came up a while back that has me thinking:

Unlike a lot of tech industry work (I'm looking at you, startups) that can embrace new technology regularly, this thing I'm helping build may last 10-20 years. Tech debt work is vital in making sure this system holds up long term.

When I start thinking too deeply about this I start giving React the side eye.

It's not even the idea of a particular framework becoming defunct that concerns me, but more like, technology X is not going to last, so then what? How can we set this project up so that it can evolve and remain a living thing?

Is it possible to build something like this in a way that the technology can be swapped out incrementally?

It's Friday and tired brain is thinking way too hard.

@pixelpaperyarn My thought on things like this is a lot of is by defining “APIs” as much as possible. By ensuring you can make sure data travels through the application in clearly specified ways it will allow incremental changes as long as you ensure the data “signatures” (not sure if right word) stay the same.

@pixelpaperyarn this way you can treat each element as a closed box that you do not need to know the internals of as long as they match expectations, allowing gradual replacement with new elements

@andysomniac I love this approach. It makes a lot of sense. Thank you!

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