So I set up a Polywork page and it's...fine.

I really like the idea of having one space that people can follow where I can have updates about what I'm working on and what I've finished across the spectrum of "my work".

However, I really don't like it being yet another third party service.

Geez, this keeps coming up for me and it's a puzzle I've still yet to crack in any satisfactory way. I keep thinking there's some magical formula for handling this stuff combining the tools already at my disposal.

FWIW, at the moment I'm leaning toward setting up a work log on a jekyll install so I can do quick and easy updates via github.

I have a spare domain name hanging around for it, too.

I also just looked through my personal blog and tbh there's nothing there that I wouldn't mind even my coworkers seeing, which says a lot both about how I thought I was writing and how much I already trust these genuinely good people.

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My alternative to Jekyll would be yet another Wordpress install.

I know, I know, but for something that's super low-friction, Wordpress is really hard to beat. I mean it even comes with some really nice themes pre-installed. And it doesn't require the command line or a github PR to update anything.

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@pixelpaperyarn I've been gravitating to using static site generators to pull in all my projects and display news from each one along with tags. That way, I have a single place working off CI on my domain.

@pixelpaperyarn I feel for you & other people that have to look at more socials & the such for work.
more senseless noise, I guess?

I just had a check of polywork, never heard of it before, reads like Linkedin & facehate had a baby for what they want to do, lol

I dont enjoy this portion of text. not as defence for making websites myself. but that only your work will only ever be seen if you have an account [FOMO]. but the website isnt even ready, lol

@pixelpaperyarn I do hope it plays out well for you. I love hearing about work that people have done or found thru things like this

@lewlepton That assessment is all pretty much accurate from my experience with it so far.

There are featured users that are all super high profile people (basically verified accounts) which makes it near impossible to discover NEW people. So the social aspect is garbage so far. Gee, I'm shocked.

The one this I am taking from this though is the kind of things and layout that might be useful for what I'm trying to do. So at least I'm learning something.

@pixelpaperyarn aye, gotta agree

I dont like Wordpress, but even I appreciate what is on offer with it

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