This is a strong argument and shows some of why I heart CSS so much. Also, the two tools listed are :chick_chefkiss:

@pixelpaperyarn I don't know what I would do without the developer inspections tools in FF. Life saver.

@c0debabe I have been thinking about trying FF out for dev work. I've been in chrome for so long because I use FF for my personal stuff and keeping work in a separate browser has just made sense.

@pixelpaperyarn @c0debabe You may already know this, but I discovered it a while back and found it handy:

You can run multiple Firefox profiles at the same time by launching subsequent ones with the `--no-remote` parameter (and whatever else you need to select the profile, `-p` or `--profile` depending on where it is)

@SetecAstronomy @pixelpaperyarn I keep forgetting that one. I should make some profiles for work testing

@c0debabe @pixelpaperyarn I often keep one in ~/.fftemp and just dump it every so often. But I'm not doing dev so I don't go through them very quickly.

@SetecAstronomy @c0debabe You can also get to the built-in gui profile manager with about:profiles. I might consider that again, at least to try out the dev tools more thoroughly.

@pixelpaperyarn @c0debabe Will that let you launch more than one at a time though? It's been quite a while since I poked the GUI side of things. The `--no-remote param` keeps the second one from attaching to the main thread or whatever for your main profile that's already open. Otherwise it'll just fail to launch the profile.

@SetecAstronomy @c0debabe You know, I'm a dingus. I can just install the Developer version and not have to worry about separate profiles.

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