Today I’m thinking about the need for a secure method of having my medical information, contacts, etc stored securely so when I go to the doctor I don’t have to spend tons of time gathering it all from various websites and contacts, etc.

Paper cheat sheet?

@pixelpaperyarn a lot of Bullet Journal user has page dedicated to medical information. Digital version could be just simple txt file stored somewhere on device and encrypt it. Easy to sync and edit.

@douglasfur @pixelpaperyarn My dad has this. He used a resume template format and lists every heart attack, drugs, complications, etc. It's about twenty pages and he gives it to new doctors.

I keep drug list and a shorter resume in Nextcloud files. I also have a dedicated Nextcloud task for "things to talk to the doctor on the next visit". Plus the calendar to remind me when. That way, Partner also has access if needed.

@dmoonfire @douglasfur That's a great system!

I wrote up an index card with all that info and lost it (somewhere in the house, I'm not worried).

@dmoonfire @douglasfur OMG. Scratch that, I literally just found it! Been looking for months. 😆

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