Been working on a framework to make pairing sessions run more efficiently. Once it gets ensconced in the company's public engineering playbook, I'll share it out.

I might even record a short talk on it. I've learned some valuable things working on it and it's going to be used as part of a mentoring experiment internally, which is damn cool.

@pixelpaperyarn Cool! I had a really awesome mentor at my last job and it really drove home the benefits of a good mentor. I learned so much from them (and maybe taught them a few things too).

I wonder if this pairing framework might be useful for the Virtual Hackerspace? We're still kind of trying to figure out how to work on things together whilst being apart.

@SetecAstronomy I'm also happy to chat more about it or present it in some other way if that sounds helpful.

@pixelpaperyarn Awesome! My brain is spent tonight but I'll take a look tomorrow.

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