been listening to a LOT of Aimee Mann lately. she popped up on a mix i made ages ago and i remembered how much i love the way she uses her voice. her stuff is also impeccably produced.

@pixelpaperyarn Some of the songs she’s co-written with Jonathan Coulton in recent albums are about as pure as gut punches can get and I love them and hate them for that

@max i admit it's been a good couple of years since i picked any of her stuff up but sounds like i'm going to have to soon.

@pixelpaperyarn The collaboration album Aimee Mann did with Ted Leo called The Both is also a great listen. The track Milwaukee got a bunch of radio plays here, but some of the other tracks are better but Milwaukee has an ear worm in it that attacks me sometimes (and was made worse because I Rock Band karaoked it a bunch)

@pixelpaperyarn I’ve had a chance now several years to see some great live performances by Aimee Mann (on cruise ships), so have become a huge fan, sorry

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