Quote from my lecture:
"It is ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL to apply the learned knowledge"

every wikipedia article on famous computer scientists contains the sentence "<name> became so frustrated with the inability of the <old system> that they built <software still used 50 years later> in their spare time"

My imposter syndrome senses are tingling

"corpsych" is an extremely scary word

Filling forms and reading induction documents for a new job, am enjoying the onomatopoeia descriptions of every kind of emergency alarm: "WHOOP WHOOP this is not a dril"

Just signed the contract for my first position as a Software Engineer, now its time to actually learn how to code fuck

Of the many problems with Pokemon brilliant diamond, the worst is the blinding white that you are subjected to on every loading zone transition

Indigo's Corner Cafe opened on the 13th of June and didn't close its doors until the heat death of the universe, except on Mondays.

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Finally happy with my uni project enough to share it:

Essentially Wordle with Minecraft crafting recipes. Still has a few rough edges but actually playable now


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