@aag fyi your cert on p4.works has expired

@bamfic I mean server software rather than hardware :D

@bamfic I’m sure I’ve seen people flash them with Linux before. If not do you recommend an arduino Gemini server?

@cat half-eaten bowl on top of the vcr for that authentic look 👌🏻

The iOS Mastodon app “Mast” has been super buggy with regards to search recently, just doesn’t load anything. I’m back on Amaroq for now but it’s a lot less full-featured. Any recommendations for alternatives to try out?

@bamfic Yes this is very true actually! I haven't ever flashed linux on one so that would be a nice little project too

Currently reading gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space:1965/~solderpunk/gemlog/the-standard-salvaged-computing-platform.gmi

@bamfic oof that would be some serious low-powered tech. I have a couple in my draw at the office, but we're banned from entering it because of the pandemic :(

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@rysiek @ritualdust

turn buckets into composting bins
second hand computers into workstations
friends into comrades
and social networks into gopher sites.

Running a solar-powered website, very interesting. I was planning a gemini capsule on a rpi zero but might be an idea to extend this to have a web proxy and also be solar powered


@c0debabe init, thou art on pid 1, hallowed be thy handle. for thine is the fork() syscall almighty as it was at epoch, is now, and ever shall be, system without end, amen

re: MBTI, infodump 

@alexandria I've read a bit about how it correlates with The Big Five and why that might be more relevant. Psycology is especially fascinating to me because I know absolutely nothing about it :D

orange site 

@y0x3y where’s that quote from?

@Anarkat sorry but Helvetica as a personality type is pretty vanilla. Can you try and be more Comic Sans?

@epoch I’m ENTP, we’re practically related

Has anyone done the Myers-Briggs personality type test? What’s your type?

@vanillacherry unfortunately the majority of my arsenal is at the office


I love the concept of Día de los Muertos, and how people of Mexican culture think about and celebrate their dead. I wish that the attitudes were more widely accepted in other cultures

@Anarkat I'd eat it, but I wouldn't choose it. Pineapple on pizza is one of a few arguments I'm happy to sit on the fence for

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