Running a solar-powered website, very interesting. I was planning a gemini capsule on a rpi zero but might be an idea to extend this to have a web proxy and also be solar powered

@ols I love these guys.

I especially like how the state of charge is reflected to the user.

@ols might be able to run a gemini capsule on an esp32

@bamfic oof that would be some serious low-powered tech. I have a couple in my draw at the office, but we're banned from entering it because of the pandemic :(

@bamfic Yes this is very true actually! I haven't ever flashed linux on one so that would be a nice little project too

@ols i didnt think they ran linux. they are arduino platform last i checked

@bamfic I’m sure I’ve seen people flash them with Linux before. If not do you recommend an arduino Gemini server?

@bamfic I mean server software rather than hardware :D

@ols good question, there are a lot of implementations and they seem pretty simple
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