Has anyone done the Myers-Briggs personality type test? What’s your type?

@epoch I’m ENTP, we’re practically related

@ols INTJ/P

I AM WITHIN 3 points of center every time I take it on the last position.

MBTI, infodump 

@thegibson @ols You might want to read Anna Moss's books on the INTP and INTJ. It's well cited, every page gets about 3 citations to an objective study performed analysing the behaviour and disparities between the different types. She makes good points regarding the theory -- most of the theory about it, especially functional types, is useless.

HOWEVER: Because the theory itself is useless and does not match with the test, that doesn't mean the test itself is useless! The MBTI correlates highly with The Big Five which is used in neuroscience, etc as a good metric wrt the predictions of specific assumptions.

Likewise, the tests she cites (and distills) tend to have some value, at least in my opinion. It's also whimsical enough to be an interesting read by itself.

Interestingly enough, the testing performed using the MBTI scale correlated health risks with the results of the test, among other things :)

INTP book:

INTJ book:

re: MBTI, infodump 

@alexandria I've read a bit about how it correlates with The Big Five and why that might be more relevant. Psycology is especially fascinating to me because I know absolutely nothing about it :D

re: MBTI, infodump 

@ols Personally I would definitely get hold of: A 101 book on psychology, a 101 book on sociology. It's a fascinating subject, even taking into account that almost all of the studies are performed on White Cisgender Heterosexual Allosexual Western Middle-class people.

So many people (especially specific people I know in Merveilles) will shoot their mouth off about society, or psychology, and just not have any idea of what they are talking about. It's frustrating because from what I saw most of their supposition would be answered by reading a 101 on the subject.

Even if you only skim them you're going to get more knowledge than 99% of the people shooting their ideas into the abyss ahahaha

Also worth getting a Biological Psychology book for funsies :^)
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