My humble collection of "learn to solder" pins and a no-solder blinky box (which I picked up from the Consumer Reports booth at the last Maker Faire I'll probably ever go to). The Tindie dog came from HOPE & actually involved surface mount soldering by hand.

RIP little helicopter.
Looks like flight vibration wore through the insulation on the (hard to see) red wire (small circle) which shorted the black, generating enough heat to melt the solder & allow it to contact the SMC (also circled) and let the magic smoke out.

It's not perfect by any means and still needs some work, but I think I've done pretty well with our little patch of dirt.

Serious question:
What might it mean when a search for a particular word causes an unhandled exception error on a major tech vendor's support web page? And is it anything more than ironic that the particular word is "memory"?

If I had a lawn, I would totally let dandelions grow all over it.

Pentax MX-1 F5 1/1250s ISO 100 6mm (28mm equivalent)

These things were seriously ahead of their time. Though I suppose if they came out now (or the past few years) they would have been bought out and turned into a surveillance device.

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I was digging though a box of my old shirts, and came across this relic of simpler times

Scarcity, perceived value, c19 adjacent 

A little doodle while waiting on hold with the previously mentioned self-interrupting voices on the tech support line. Finished it before they answered and completely failed to help at all, so I thought I'd share.
I used a cheapo "student model" fountain pen that Pelikan used to make.

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