Keeping my hands busy while watching Mr Robot tonight.
Back to front:
Master Pro 6121
Master 6230
Slaymaker Super
Move n Store
Master no. 3
Guard Security

Surprisingly enough, the dollar store Guard Security one is the trickiest to open, but only because it's crappy & mushy feeling.

Got a quick moment during naptime to share the result of yesterday's shopping trip. For reference, before I left PWND was at 1 (3), so I'm thinking it was pretty successful.
Hopefully I'll have time later to work on the BT issues some more.

I finally got my ticket for the train.
Going to have to wait till the little one is asleep, though

I was cleaning out some old boxes on the porch & came across this classic album. If only I had a machine that still had a floppy drive.

Spent the day enjoying an activist street band festival out near Boston. Every one of them a gear-ruster through & through, so of course I wore my h.t hoodie.

Someone is taking switching instances really seriously.

(Not me, I like it here :C_H: )

When a customer who prints 10k+ in one night constantly complains about 4 or 5 jams and insists you "test it thoroughly."
I just wish I knew someone who needed some old-school zines printed.
Coloring books will have to do, I guess.

It only takes a few days in technological isolation to really feel the dysyopia when you return

Unclear on the concept of "sale"

Also interesting that their "you save" algorithm somehow turned -20¢ into +19¢

Drugs (but legal here) 

Food & drugs 

Food + 

After over 2 years of running with only minor glitches, my install choked on an automatic update and went down hard. Just as I was making plans to properly image & back it up, too. Maybe I should just bite the bullet & migrate it to a NextcloudPi install on a rasPi 3.
It's currently on a 2 with the NextcloudBox image, which has worked fine till now, but doesn't always match the tutorials that are out there

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