One interesting line, however, seems to say that I have the right to a copy of the police report for the breach, though absolutely no hint as to how to get it.

Got a letter from Macy's regarding a "recent incident" on their website involving my "personal information." Now I have made one and only one purchase on their website, which occurred about a month ago, so props to them for (comparatively) quick notification and the expected offer of free surveillance (I mean credit monitoring). However, they aren't telling me what specific data was breached. Email & password? No big deal, they were unique for the site anyway. CC info? That's a bit more annoying.

Keeping my hands busy while watching Mr Robot tonight.
Back to front:
Master Pro 6121
Master 6230
Slaymaker Super
Move n Store
Master no. 3
Guard Security

Surprisingly enough, the dollar store Guard Security one is the trickiest to open, but only because it's crappy & mushy feeling.

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suggestion: 32-bit money

if you have over $4294967295, your balance overflows and you're back to zero.

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Scully is kidnapped by a maniac corrupt prosecutor. Mulder confuses sasquatches for his sister.

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RT will be back on the air with local control at midnight tonight following Judge Melissa Crane’s order. Come on back!

Philosophical question for folks: What are the qualifications for a place being "off limits?"
i.e. are there categories of places you won't bring your pet for particular reasons?

Haven't had time to work on mine for a few days, but I've been wondering this, considering the access my job gives me to a wide variety of businesses and places I can just walk into as a member of the public.

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any other tech service: the service is undergoing "temporary maintenance," and will be closed for mysterious reasons

mastodon: sorry guys i need to change which outlet the laptop that runs this instance is plugged into, we'll be back in a bit

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What if I told you time did not exist and that is how the Subgenius always wins?

Reality is like an onion, Donkey....

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Who's design aesthetic is responsible for the fact that snoozing an alarm & turning it off entirely are nearly identical operations with drastically different consequences?

forgot the caption before I hit send:
Pwnagotchi display with a satisfied (I think) looking emoji face and the text
"Kicked 4 stations
Made 115 new friends
Got 45 handshakes"
"PWND 45 (62)"
in the bottom left corner

Got a quick moment during naptime to share the result of yesterday's shopping trip. For reference, before I left PWND was at 1 (3), so I'm thinking it was pretty successful.
Hopefully I'll have time later to work on the BT issues some more.

Got my up & running last night, but I'm stumped on getting it to connect to an Android phone over Bluetooth so far. After I successfully pair it, the connection drops & neither device can even see the other one again. Anyone have any BT tips I can try on it tonight?

This works surprisingly well, actually
NIN - Closer + Ghostbusters

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I'll consider not blocking ads when ads stop autoplaying *and* stop becoming vectors for malicious software.

Cripes, it's like mosquitoes lobbying humans to stop sleeping under netting.

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Choir Preaching: There needs to be an outcry about Facebook being the largest, most successful vector for Psychological Operations in human history. It should be classified as a trojan, and treated as such.

I finally got my ticket for the train.
Going to have to wait till the little one is asleep, though

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