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Just got a rejection email stating that my "professional goals don't align with the position requirements." when in my last communication (after a seemingly positive preliminary phone interview) I was told that some of the team was on vacation & that I would be contacted to schedule an interview as soon as they were back. I suppose that's better than being ghosted, but still their bullshit form letter excuse makes me feel like their blaming me, when I never even had the chance to discuss my "professional goals" with them.

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New fundraiser about to drop... a "From many, One" theme. New Cyberia has risen from the void overs the past 5 yrs. It's not gonna stop now.


and I cannot stress this next part enough...


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Me when I can't find a screenshot or GIF from some pop culture thing to illustrate my current state of being:

Damn, just discovered that the repair event I was going volunteer at on Saturday is canceled. Trying to work up the motivation to sign up for a flea market table instead, but that's not nearly as satisfying (though potentially much more profitable)

Had to get a new screen for the wife's phone and discovered stickers were on sale. Maybe I should have bought more.

On Friday I found out that a competing local office equipment company had been "hacked" and was down hard, with their website, email, & phones (VoIP) all offline. Talked to a friend who works there & confirmed that they're dead in the water, with all their infrastructure down, though he couldn't tell me what happened.
A little whois poking led me to the parent company & 2 other affiliates (a national equipment supplier & aftermarket toner vendor) all equally out of commission.

Food, plants 

I don't know why I'm so fascinated with ground cherries, but they're seriously my favorite part of the farm share every year.
Sweet, tender little golden fruits that just fall off the bush the moment they're ripe, but no worries, each one is individually wrapped in paper to keep the dirt & bugs out. You just reach under the bush & pick them up by the handful, then keep them in a bucket on the counter for weeks.

On the positive side, I got to witness a very big kettle of nighthawks swirling overhead this evening. Pretty high up, but still recognizable by the white bands on their wings

Covid, schools, kids, no good choices 

So today, the day before my 3.5 year old* starts in-person preschool for the first time, we get an email that one kid (in another grade which started last week) has tested positive.

*Who has spent 1/3 of his life (and nearly all of his fully autonomous life so far) in lockdown, and is both very shy and begging for socialization

I'm noticing a few big services with outages/slowdowns just now, anything in particular going on out in the interwebs?

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Why has it taken so long for this former goth kid to discover Dickies work shorts?

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Ours was now a country in which the cost of replacing a broken machine with a newer model was typically lower than the cost of having it fixed by an expert, which itself was typically lower than the cost of sourcing the parts and figuring out how to fix it yourself. This fact alone virtually guaranteed technological tyranny, which was perpetuated not by the technology itself but by the ignorance of everyone who used it daily and yet failed to understand it. To refuse to inform yourself about the basic operation and maintenance of the equipment you depended on was to passively accept that tyranny and agree to its terms: when your equipment works, you'll work, but when your equipment breaks down you'll break down, too. Your possessions would possess you.
- Edward Snowden, Permanent Record

So I just got back from being away for 10 days. On day 2 I lost connection to my nextcloud server. Turns out my router has decided it's too good for Ethernet connections anymore. Which makes for 2 dead TP Link routers in the past 3 years.
Any suggestions for a decent home router for under $100 these days?

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Personal finance + 

Oddly enough, switching to using my credit card for almost all my expenses has actually allowed me to comfortably pay off the balance I've been carrying on it for years.
I guess that was my plan anyway, but it worked sooner than I expected it to, so yay!

Last night I replaced one of the motors on a cheap (<$50) quad copter which had developed the bad habit of randomly falling out of the air. It had sat mostly idle for several months, aside from the occasional "is it still broken" flight until the motor in question had failed enough to be the obvious cause (a.k.a. failing to spin at all anymore). I was actually able to find a replacement motor (unfortunately through Amazon), so once it came in I removed & resoldered the tiny wires while reflashing a Pi-Hole SD & watching MST3K

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