Applying for an IT position and was given a paper application, so I'm filling it out using a 1930's manual typewriter, of course.

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Once there was a promising young technomancer who abandoned all of his principles and collected everyone's data. He told them it was safe with him, and in time they believed him.

Over time the technomancer realized he had amassed so much information that he became mightier than even the leaders of the world, but his greed and desire for wealth kept him from noticing.

He began to sell his influence to these leaders and got them hooked on his data.

They used it solve crimes, and they used it protect the endangered, and they used it to detect who would likely do crime, and they used it to keep the people divided, and they used it to topple one another's nations.

All the while making the no longer young technomancer even more powerful and wealthy.

The prophecy says that the Technomancer will try to destroy those who oppose him. But the agents of the wires will bring him to his knees by rebuilding what was lost.

Even though it's 10 years old, my car makes me feel like I'm living in the future just a little bit. The doors unlock when I touch them, I push a button to start & shift with a joystick, and the dome light even turns on just because it senses me nearby. And I haven't even modded anything yet.

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I've always called myself a because that's what I most identified with, but that's because wasn't a thing.

Now that it is, people suggest that's closer to my ideals and thus identity, but solarpunk is just so new to me that I don't really know.

The reality of it all is that the Buddha said that clinging to an identity creates a separate self, which is the source of all suffering.

So, I must abandon the old identity and make sure not to focus too much on this newer, suggested identity.

For any one curious, I based it off of but with some tweaks since I used (and am still trying to use) a weird iRex eReader. Basically you have to config networking over USB, SSH from the reader to the Pi, then push your terminal through GNU Screen to the reader's display. Or at least that's how it used to work

Once, 5 or so years ago, I successfully hooked up an old eReader as a screen for a RasPi. I've found the resources I used back then, but I'm finding it much harder this time around.
None of the config files on the Pi are the same because of system.d, and the eReader can't handle any modern crypto.
Plus I'm lucky if I get more than an hour at a time to throw at this wacky project

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A quick costume change, and it's time for bed

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So I wrote a thread on birdsite on the #Six4Three Facebook files confiscated and released by UK Parliament. Enjoy + feel free to RT the crap out of it:

#SurveillanceCapitalism #Facebook

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Disappointing thrift store find of the day: The empty box for a Palm Pilot camera attachment.
"A few seconds from shooting to sharing!"

I made a thing so maybe I can join the Joey party? It's pretty bad though, just to warn you Show more

Work grumping or maybe I just need more coffee ☕☕☕ Show more

Work grumping or maybe I just need more coffee ☕☕☕ Show more

I guess I should hop on this train here while I have a minute to myself.
I found an invite to this place in the pocket of a hoodie, so I thought I'd check it out.
I grew up in the era of Apple IIe's in the classroom and my toys for fun.
Computers and tech have been part of my life ever since, though always more as a hobby than a career unfortunately.
I fix stuff for a living right now, mess around with , , , , and old in what little spare time I currently have. I'm also into & related systems more and more these days.

If I have half-way decent , barely adequate tools, and a good , I'm virtually unstoppable...
until I'm distracted by something shiny, that is.

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