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I meant to talk about billionaire capitalists but instead said villainaire and I'm keeping it 💰🧐💰 :guillotine:

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Whatever the auditory version of pareidolia is called, it's turning all sorts of background noises into hungry baby kitten mews tonight. I'm so glad I was able to save those little squeakers last night

Baby kitten x6 update 

So the sweet little squeakers have been given to a cat rescue expert from the local shelter. They're all doing much better than when I found them: climbing & playing, chowing down on milky mushy food, and showing their own personalities, but they need vet care because they're under weight and some have crusty eyes & noses.
I know they're going to be getting better care than I can give them and I'll get updates as they grow all the way until they're adopted, but I already miss their little squeaky mews and pointy toes grabbing at my hands

Around 9:00 tonight I was cleaning up around the apartment and thought I heard a kitten meow. At first I assumed it was a neighbor who has a young cat because everyone has their windows open now that it's warm (but not yet AC weather). A few minutes later I hear it again through a different window, then I hear several more overlapping cries. I go out in my pajamas with a flashlight and find a pile of tiny kittens huddled in front of my neighbor's car. I run back inside and grab a box & towel. I find two still sitting on the wet ground where they were and spot another one huddled under the car. I get two in the box but can't find the other till I see a tiny paw poking out through the wheel and realize there are two hiding inside the wheel, just out of reach. After failing to coax them out, I see my neighbors walking back from dinner and flag them down (mostly to tell them I wasn't messing with their car). With their help we get the two out of the wheel and are talking about what to do next, when I hear more faint mews coming from their garage. We investigate and find two more hiding in a woodpile inside, so we move a bunch of boards and finally get the last two out. More searching doesn't turn up any more and I volunteered to take the lot so as not to break up the family so soon (neighbors wanted to take 3 and were already talking about a friend who wanted one), so now I have 6 kittens in my bathtub. At least jury duty tomorrow got canceled so I have the day off to figure out what to do next

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So, it's 1:00 am and I'm sitting in the bathroom next to a box full of 3-4 week old kittens trying to figure out what I've gotten myself into

Clothing question, USpol 

Anybody know if it's ok to wear floral print/Hawaiian-style shirts again?
Now that the weather is getting hot, I have a couple that are really comfy (physically) but haven't been socially comfortable the past couple years

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getting to inbox zero by assuming that the inbox number will eventually roll over to zero like a car odometer
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Cute animal, mangled lyrics 

Marmoset there'd be days like this.

"please disconnect your old modem and connect your new modem, then access the internet to visit this website to activate your new modem to allow you to access the internet"

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Here's a new piece, "Stump/Sandia."

Found wood, vintage LED displays, hardware, circuitry

Time-based: shows garbled excerpts from a U.S. DoE design guide for the long-term messaging at a nuclear waste storage facility, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

3.5x6.5x4"/9x16x10cm HxWxD

#MastoArt #fediart

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Someone who teaches others how to use Mastodon is a "tooter tutor". :mastodon:

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LOL just heard on radio: "If you want to remain anonymous, send us a DM on instagram!" :picardfacepalm:

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I see the meta about me is flying through the ether again.

Allow me to state my position.

I am professionally in infosec. In some roles I have been in, I have had to interact with the authorities. It happens. Happened a few weeks ago in fact, on my terms, and it was something that most assuredly saved lives.

Once I posted a slide here on the fediverse... it was from a presentation I was doing. On it in my credentials it said that I was a proud member of Infragard.

YES, i was a member of infragard... because I was hoping their threat feeds were good, I wanted access to them.

"A proud member of Infragard" is how they require you to say it to maintain access to their feeds.

Their feeds were ok...

I have had nearly no interaction with Infragard (a public private partenership to mitigate threat actors trying to impact critical infrastructure). My interaction with the FBI came down to one case, and I was asked by the defendant to cooperate with them... funny, huh?

If that makes me a fed... wanting access to threatfeeds for research...  I think your definition of "Fed" is overly broad.

On 3/3/19 I was attacked for this piece of information. I linked it back to a particular set of threat actors wanting to stop this community from becoming what it is today. Those old rumors are back.

Let me talk about the good we have done:

We raised over $6000 to benefit Ukrainian needy caught in a warzone.

We organized assets to help Ukraine resist invasion.

We setup tools for people to defend themselves against spying, and be more secure.

We tirelessly work to tear down siloed social media.

We combined forces with other legendary hacker groups to fold proteins to complete research that led to some of the vaccines that have helped contain this pandemic.

We have gotten people their first infosec jobs.

We have made friends, a community, and fought the power at every opportunity.

We are mighty. We punch up... and we do it really fucking well.

And I am not an agent for anyone but myself, and when I get to be, for this community.

We are
We save the world.

We're getting pretty good at it.

PS: wow, you made it this far?!? All that said... I am not here to change your mind. If your threat model includes me somehow, then you should block You know what you are comfortable with, and it's not up to me to decide that for you.

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"Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow!"

This pangram (a sentence using every letter of the alphabet) is so much more bad-ass than the stupid "quick brown fox" that I had to illustrate it. A tribute to master Jean Giraud (aka Moebius).

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