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I keep hearing references to it being post-pandemic.

Stop that! It's just wishful thinking.

Ask the people in the ERs.

WEAR YOUR MASKS, and if you haven't gotten your shots yet - shame on you! Go get them!

covid, caps the pandemic is literally right now the worst it has ever been in many parts of the US, i have no idea where people around here are pulling this "post-pandemic" idea from

covid, caps 

@linear Wishful thinking strongly encouraged by certain people in power who make more money by people being stupid and going out and about and traveling and stuff.

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@nomad people that keep acting like it's over piss me off, especially when they should know better

covid, caps 

@nomad this whole experience has made me more cynical honestly
People are only willing to go so far for their fellow human beings if it means they can't be comfortable

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