@thegibson Hm, can't think of any truly earth-shattering ones off the top of my head. I once enabled auto-update on a prod *nix box, but never went back to clean up old packages. Came in one day to an unhappy environment when the system had downloaded so many kernels, its /boot partition was 100% full and it failed to start up 😅 Thank goodness we had a semi-mature backups system in place. Restored from an image only a handful of hours before with minimal data loss or business impact, and immediately set to work making sure that never happened again.

@nchprgmng @TheGibson ive filled my /boot so many times that expanding it to a gig or two has been baked into my setup process.
Its not impossible to fix by hand but it is a pain in the ass.

@nchprgmng @TheGibson this was hilarious to stumble on, this exact thing happened in my environment a few months ago (in my defense, I inherited it that way and will fix it I swear)

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