Slapped together a 555 timer and re wound the solenoid by hand to have the right strength with the 12v ac adapter I bought. Now for the teensy and pi..

Ok, so there got to be an arduino expert in the room right? Not that I cant do it myself, but looking for some collab on my payphone project to help it along.

Fake Oakley's and a $7 loupe set.. Nikon's prop collection, I think, is nearly complete.

Guess who is curating a Hackers movie fanpage and just landed an interview with Ethan Brown, the actor who played curtis? That's right.... me baby..... me. This ones gonna be JUICY!

I'll be hiding these bitches (sticker packs) around Seattle over the next 3 days. Maybe vancouver?

A bunch of technomancers in the fediverse. Keep it fairly clean please. This arcology is for all who wash up upon it's digital shore.