See you later people of the Earth.

/me enter ship to the moon.

#BSD people, we started organising regular online meetings for Spanish speakers who use #BSD or are interested in #BSD and would like to know some more.
Next one is on Monday, April 27th 2020, 19.30 (CEST). More infos at (working on getting :-D).

Boosting is very welcome and desired!
#FreeBSD #OpenBSD #NetBSD

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It still amazes me that academic fields, connected by co-citation, are arranged in a ring. Is there a missing "dark field" in the middle that we will find someday to connect it all together well?


@theruran @stman Did you think about things like lamport clock as way a distributed clock?

I am thinking about using such a thing in my peer-to-peer system.


Seems like to much work for now to drop X and wayland. Instead I will use an abstraction layer instead that is in SDL. Apparantly, there was / is SDL backends to work directly on the framebuffer without X or Wayland.

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I would like to learn how things like X and work. How to use the graphic card on ?


Best track of the year.

An Analog Guy in a Digital World Β· Martin Roth

I watched die hard 4.0

What is the point of this movie? Not sure yet another action movie. Not much real hacker culture in it. Also what hacker travel with a full set of hacking device around?

I am not. And I am not into infosec.

In fact the number of toys is not infinite. The number of toy is limited. Sooner or later, one wants to create their own toy.

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