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I don't feel so bad not being able to figure out the process that ink and paint departments used to use to do shading when it's obvious looking at old animation that a lot of studios probably didn't know how to do it, or at least didn't have the budget to do it.

I've got a process in mind for how I'm going to do it for my own work, but it involves using a lightbox and I've never seen a lightbox in an ink and paint department in any of the videos I've seen of them.

Lots of birds out today. That's always nice to see.

Tangut script is always so interesting to look at. It looks a lot like traditional Chinese, but the characters aren't actually derived from Chinese at all and they're a lot more complex.

Picking up a guitar after practicing banjo for a while gives me this strange feeling that the bridge is way too wide and that it has a comical number of strings. It definitely doesn't feel that way when I'm practicing guitar a lot.

One of these days I should replace the images on with actual pen and paper drawings.

Heck heck heck heck heck. This album is so good:

It's just all these little quick rushes of adorable noisiness. So many things I like rolled into one.

I finally got a three hole punch but it doesn't seem like the holes quite fit the peg bar. Not sure if it's the hole punch or the peg bar that's off. I was careful to check the size on the hole punch, but maybe the info online was wrong and they sent me a 9/32" one.

I've stumbled across the cheap version of the paint I want, thank goodness. Literally a tenth of the cost per milliliter compared to the other brand I was looking at.

Finally actually storyboarding something before I try to animate it for once. I don't know why I've been trying to avoid doing this, it's a lot of fun.

You know you might be looking at animation too closely when you realize that the map that Kiki in Kiki's Delivery Service is looking at is actually covered in the names of places in Hawai'i.

One of the things I really like about old animated films is that sometimes if you look closely you can see the cels cast shadows on the background.

Happy Labor Day everyone! And a big thank you to all the people who fought and are still fighting for the rights of workers.

I'm kind of sad that if you DM yourself on Mastodon it doesn't show up in your notifications.

I like the ideas behind solarpunk and it seems like it'd be something cool to pull from but I kind of feel like all of the solarpunk visual art I can find is maybe not punky enough for me. Seems like it'd be interesting to explore.

The web-based version of is back up:

I've still got to set up a Gemini server on it, the ebook files aren't being generated, and I'm not 100% sure the automation is working (gotta wait a few hours for it to trigger), but the main part of it is back online at least.

I should really see if I can get up and running again. It might be fun to add some new stuff to it.

The Archies, a fictional band based on animated versions of the Archie Comics characters, in some sense served as precursors to Gorillaz, and I kind of hope that means that one day there will be a moodily-shot live-action high school drama on The CW very loosely based on the characters from Gorillaz that maintains none of the plot of the original.

Now that I have body paints, the question of "what do I want to wear today" has gotten a bit more complicated.

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