There's something really intriguing to me about 24-bit pixel art. At first glance it seems like a throwback to video games from 30 years ago, but the expanded palette gives it its own unique feel and turns it into something new and distinctly modern.

Wondering what it would take to make a rhythm game accessible to screen readers.

I know the best tool available to me to do digital ink and paint is probably OpenToonz, but I kind of want to see if I could figure out a workflow to do it in Krita.


It's way past the time I normally eat dinner, so I told myself I'd make something quick and lazy. Ended up using three pots/pans and made way too much food. (It's really good though)

I'm constantly amazed at how good my brain is at having no idea if someone wears glasses or not.

I am home safe and sound and wow I had an amazing time. I'm really gonna miss hanging out with everyone in person.

@seb It was definitely a good talk. Glad I woke up early (or at least early-ish) for it.

@thegibson @maddiefuzz I'm at defcon, I'm not at the bar, I'm not in the know enough to figure out what bar it is

defcon stuff 

Wow they'll just let anyone into this thing huh.

@g I try to use constants as the default and only use variables when I know the value will need to change later. Using constants can make your code more readable since anyone who wants to know what a constant's value is can just find its declaration and not have to worry that it got changed somewhere between that and where you're trying to use it.

food thoughts 

I kind of feel the urge to constantly toast every bread thing I eat, mostly because running the toaster oven is fun, but honestly I like untoasted bread quite a bit and should probably just leave it untoasted more often.

Finally learning clawhammer. It's gonna take some practice, but it's a lot of fun.

There's something about AI generated images that makes me feel kind of sad. Usually art feels kind of like a conversation with the person who made it, but AI stuff feels like trying to start a conversation and realizing you're talking to an empty room.

I spent all weekend with glasses on and now that I'm back to contacts I keep trying to push up my glasses only to realize they're not there.

I think it's kind of sad that picture books tend to be viewed as only being for the youngest of children when they're such a versatile artistic medium. I grew up reading picture books full of beautiful hand-painted illustrations and then I turned 8 and everyone convinced me I was too old for that and needed to switch to "chapter books".

@FirstProgenitor I just like the little "voop" sound effect when he's literally regrowing an arm.

joke in Spanish 

@c0debabe Apparently I know enough Spanish to understand this joke lol

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