It's way past the time I normally eat dinner, so I told myself I'd make something quick and lazy. Ended up using three pots/pans and made way too much food. (It's really good though)

animation of a face, eye contact 

First animation done.

Today I got the book that was supposed to come in August. It's a good thing it's an art book with pretty pictures because I don't know any Japanese.

animation craft experimenting result 

That dried a lot faster than I thought it would. The texture is cool, but the dark edges and mottled fill wouldn't make it good for the subtle shadows I want. Now I know how it looks for future uses though.

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I got one good bagel and the others are... questionable to say the least.

monster eating car 

The fifth and final monster drawing. And only a day late.

drawing of a monster rising out of the ocean, bug-like 

I have completed monster number four.

monster drawing, cosmic horror 

Here is the third monster.

monster drawing 

I have to get up early tomorrow, so day 2's monster is a quick one.

monster drawing, bug-like 

First monster drawing done.

cartoon polar bear pretending to be a pokémon 

The results of tonight's media explorations.


Eating classic summer foods like corn on the cob, vegan mac and cheese, and oversized cinnamon raisin black bean whole grain bagel burger.

I think I've got a rough draft of a writing system for the project I'm working on.

These are the main characters' names, Hena and Maíra.

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