Anyone have recommendations for good solarpunk or green anarchist science fiction?

@montag I know there's stuff, but my brain is fried.

Found this:

i've read both Remenant Population and the Dispossessed from that list. Wouldn't have called Dispossessed solarpunk, but definitely see it fitting Remenant population. One of faves.

@montag Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis Series and Becky Chambers for solarpunk / green sci fi, I second 'Woman on the Edge of Time' from the above mentioned list, and for anarchist sci fi (although not at all sure about the solarpunk aspect, haven't read yet) Margaret Killjoy

@montag Ecotopia from the seventies is good in a painful way (what?), because it is a list of what solutions/preventions for today's problems were already known and/or available at that time already, but the story is a tad old-white-male-ish.

A colleague recommended Pantopia to me, but its very recent (2022) and only available in german so far. But i haven't read id yet.

@montag do agree with Dispossessed and Xenogenesis from afar. This article by Ada Palmer on hopepunk has some pointers and while only part of her Terra Ignota world fits, I recommend it obliquely. Elly Blue's Bike anthologies; Monica Byrne's The Actual Star; Becky Chambers esp Monk & Robot novellas.

@montag anything by Kim Stanley Robinson, Ministry for the Future is great.

@montag Noor by Nnedi Okorafor is pretty solarpunk towards the end. She's got plenty of other good stories as well.

@montag Maybe does not hit the requested mark exactly but is an amazing read and certainly changed my view of anarchism loads:

Ursula K. Le Guin - The Dispossessed

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