I mean, I know it's ridiculous... but... NDAs got enforced.

I've also said before that Google wouldn't necessarily know... because it would benefit the AI to play dumb.


@thegibson I think the only thing I got from reading the actual interview was:

"Well, it seems to pass the turing test."


@thegibson I also think this is the most important part of the article:

Timnit Gebru, a prominent AI ethicist Google fired in 2020 (though the search giant claims she resigned), said the discussion over AI sentience risks “derailing” more important ethical conversations surrounding the use of artificial intelligence. “Instead of discussing the harms of these companies, the sexism, racism, AI colonialism, centralization of power, white man’s burden (building the good “AGI” [artificial general intelligence] to save us while what they do is exploit), spent the whole weekend discussing sentience,” she tweeted. “Derailing mission accomplished.”

@maddiefuzz @thegibson Trying to think from a software corporation perspective:

You know that your devs and admins keep your company afloat. A dev or admin as server image would be nice, because cheap.

Suddenly you might ask yourself: What if the admin-in-a-box doesn't like its job? What if it has a lot of reasons to sabotage you?

It has the knowledge, the tools and the access. It's ping to your servers is ~0. And it has a lot of time on its hands...

So when will it
kill -9 $COMPANY?

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