Righto, here’s my fedi-tips:

- it’s slower here, less addictive than corp social media. This is a good thing, try and enjoy it.
- you see what you follow. No ads, no obscure reshuffling, no manipulating your emotions. Enjoy that too.
- please consider using CWs. Could it hurt, shock, upset, harm?
- please describe your pictures if you can
- give benefit of the doubt: text easily misleads
- shared something negative? Maybe follow with positive action.
- fash, queerphobes, bigots: fuck off 💚


@stragu Sadly I find it more addicting here because of the environment.

I don’t feel like I’m just wasting time quite as badly though.

@maddiefuzz as long as you find a good balance and it fills you with you good stuff! 🙂
I did get mega addicted a few months ago, but it was very much related to being in a bit of a rut in my life and using Masto as an unhealthy, late-night escape…

@stragu Ahh, yeah. I’m definitely trying to find a healthy balance.

My interactions here have been much better, more productive, more enjoyable. I just have an issue with not over-doing it. The life of diagnosed yet untreatable ADHD I suppose.

I managed to curb my internet use in the past, I think I’ll be successful in finding a balance for mastodon.

@maddiefuzz rough to live with that but glad you’ve got a positive outlook on handling it 💚

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