Signal created targeted ads for Instagram that show the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to.

They were blocked.

@madcap Wow, thanks god I've never touched their services (except for when ther'es Facebook trackers on some other site).

Image description 

White text on a blue background. Key words in constructions referring to the identity or description of "you" are in darker blue boxes. There's a Signal logo in the bottom right corner.

Text: "You got this ad because you're a newlywed pilates instructor and you're cartoon crazy. This ad used your location to see you're in La Jolla. You're into parenting blogs and thinking about LGBTQ adoption."


re: Image description 

@marie_joseph thanks, I always forget to describe the images I post. My bad. I need to pay better attention when posting images.

re: Image description 

@madcap All good, just glad I could help :)

re: Image description 

@marie_joseph @madcap I think there was a bot you could tag, and it would make a transcription? I saw it several times, but can't remember its name. :(

@SeventhMagpie @madcap @ OCRBot @ fedi dot lynnesbian dot space is:
1) designed specifically for tweets/toots
2) unsupported since the author has left the Fedi, but was announced unsupported even before that
3) supplanted by Mastodon's built-in OCR (in the image caption menu) anyway

It's still a useful tool, but you should prefer the built-in one. If you want to make a point of captioning pictures, hand-written captions are usually better than OCR and friendlier to screen readers than replies.

@SeventhMagpie @madcap It's still good to mention it since the built-in OCR isn't available in most apps and something is better than nothing :)

@marie_joseph OCR doesn't seem to be working on this instance ( Or maybe it's the fault of my client app (web/firefox with a bunch of add-ons).

re: Image description 

@efftoyz @madcap you can always just download the web application and use it. On Android, I did this through Firefox, and on Mobian, I do it through GNOME Web.

@madcap Somebody should make a new ad account and take up the reins of this project.

Then, when they inevitably get blocked by Facebook, do it again. And again.

@madcap this shit scares me. I knew they had all this shit on us, but still.

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