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Watching my 3D printer while voodoo people plays in the background is


Life mantra: If you have to dig up stuff from more than 2 years ago to make someone look bad, you're not judging the person standing in front of you.

You're judging their former self. You don't need to do that, that person does it already.

Enjoying the Hackers soundtrack on a calm night, trying to work through a networking/security course.

My job title battle may be over soon. I feel like it's out of my hands now. We'll see if things turn out the way I want.

If they do, it'll be delicious.

Just realized ko-fi is guest-payment possible!


That's interesting. Hitting the different marked locations of the white ball will induce specific return patterns

The etymology of the word "shenanigan" is unknown/unconfirmed.

My life will never be complete.

Time to assemble furniture at GF's place.

Already did 2/3 cupboards, but damn, it takes a while to get the thing up. Manual doesn't help: while there are numbers in the manual, there are no numbers whatsoever on the actual wood.


There are 9 boxes in total. And prepare a big-ass space, because before you finish the first cupboard, all 9 boxes have to be opened.

Damn it's hot outside again.

I need an emergency winter button to just cool down for a day.


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