Okay, I'm looking for a keyboard now. If any of you have any recommendations, I'm completely open.


Tactile, non-click switches.
Under 100$ in price, if possible.

Detachable cable

@selea These look... interesting.

The company I'm moving to is an old communist-like building, so it'd fit the vibe :-D

@selea That's what I'm not looking for, clickyclack is pissing me off even when I'm the one clickyclacking :-D

Also, TKL may be better for me, got too used to it :-/


It may be because sleep deprived and long noite shift, but DAMN that keyboard would FUCKING. FIT. THE. OFFICE.

Like clickety clack in the KGB headquarters.

@m4iler @Binder

You know, I really love typing now since I got my buckling spring keyboard

@m4iler Might wanna look for something with a Charry MX Brown switch.

@m4iler I have a Model S Professional with Cherry MX Browns which I like.

Still no where near as good as my Unicomp Buckling Springs though :D

@m4iler I have a Hexgears keyboard. I think they sell the Nova TKL for under 100. I also think they can be ordered with tactile Box switches, on Amazon. Mine has Box whites. It has an RGB backlight, but the cord is attached. The entire thing feels sturdy, and I love it.

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