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Work best be ready because I'm coming in hot!

OSCP 2020


(that's what OSCP is gonna tell me soon)

Nothing teaches you to type quietly than a person lightly asleep in the same room when you don't wanna wake them.

A key organizer may work better.

I just found something: My Y axis may be off somewhat, like .3mm, but it's still not good for precise prints.

I may try tightening the screws or something.

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I'm interested if anyone has some covert lockpick cases to carry your picks in.

I need some inspiration.

Wallet war 

I realized why I love hitman.

He's expensive.

By that virtue, he often only does hits on very wealthy, dangerous targets. Not a cheating spouse, no civilians. Only dangerous people.

This gives agent 47 a little bit of virtue.

alcohol, bad idea, do not do this 

Pick wallet v0.6 has one flaw.


I enlarged the holes and made them deeper, so the picks can wiggle inside. It'll add some click to the wallet, but it's a small price to pay for not showing your burglary tools whenever you go to pay at tesco.

Wallet v0.7 printing now. May it be the final one.

If you really want to drink sanitizer, pick up alpa.

It's drinkable, 60% ethanol. Good with coffee, orange juice and rum.

"Anything else I should know?"
"You have bad breath... OW, MY ARM!"

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"Let me go and I'll show you!"
"Ah, you're a feisty one. Tell me something useful or I'll cut your ear off."
"Go ahead... I have two."

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Damn, Splinter cell's interrogation is SO. HILARIOUS.

"Give me some intelligence or I'll kill you."
"I don't have any intelligence!"
"Heh, you just called yourself stupid."

I'm actually in contact with Sparrows about that wallet I designed yesterday.

What the heck?

If you can read this, you've made it to Wednesday of International Clown Week.


We will be celebrating in our video chat tonight at 8pm UTC-5. Come by and say hello, and spend some time with your friendly fediverse #clowns as they train their skills along with the lovely community of friends we call #CircusInPlace

This worked our just too fucking well.

I'll have to adjust the tension wrench slot, but other than that, I'm happy.

v0.5 done! Now for the other half and I can publish!

I'm probably gonna make the model a little longer to accomodate the lockpick better.

I'm gonna give myself the pat on the back for this.


I'll have my sis sew me a tie where in the back, there is a compartment for picks n' shit.

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Sometimes I envy people who can wear hairpins and shit like that.

Hair comb? Lockpicks.
Hair pin? Lockpicks.
Handbag? A fucking pick gun or something
Earrings? Lockpicks (and it looks cool).

The best I can get is those handcuff key cufflinks.

I might make my own tie pin with some text + a hidden lockpick holder on the back, but that would chill my left nipple.


All this dumb shit I told about the world being my oyster is nonsense when I DIDN'T THINK TO EXPAND THE WALLET SIZE TO ACCOMODATE LOCKPICKS

When did I start swigging dumb fuck juice?

Fuck, why do I get emotional when I'm tired.

Listened to ONE song. Never even bat an eye before.

Now I start tearing up.

What the fuck changed?

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