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Work best be ready because I'm coming in hot!

OSCP 2020


(that's what OSCP is gonna tell me soon)

You know how they tell us that keyboards badly affect your posture?

I have a USB keyboard next to my laptop. DIY split keyboard, PLUS I FEEL LIKE HACKERMAN.

Doing work for $client
Tell GF the name of $client
"Oh yeah, I met those!"

It's like selective vision. I see $client name everywhere now. GF even has a keychain with their logo!

I'm confusado.

Counting 1 year since $injustice.

I have not forgotten. I will have my revenge.

Such a thing shall not be forgotten. Not after a year, a decade, a century, even.

I may get into trouble for this, but I will regret nothing. The guy will, though.

I'm off to bed. Good night, netizens.

I'll end off on a snippet from a vid I just saw:

"How to write ISMS security policy"
"Step 1: Write the ISMS security policy"


Although I don't have floor heating, my floor in the bathroom is much warmer than anywhere in the flat.

My neighbours may be having a bathroom barbecue bonanza.

β€œI just woke up one morning and it struck me that I was a murderer. so I quit.” -

Weird Al has the best songs. I enjoy SOME pop songs. However all Weird Al songs I love, even if I don't like the original.

Easy listening right there.

Well fuck me.

I never found this feature in the YEARS I'm using Termux?

Am I dum? Is someone else dum?

I am dum, aren't I?

Nini, fedi!

I'm sorry, @thegibson, too tired, can't think straight.

Talk to you later! And thanks to @banjofox too, for the great convo!

Take care, everyone :-*

Really need to set up my sleeping hours better.

I can sleep even hours no problem. 2 hours, 4 6, 8. If I sleep odd hours, like today (7), I get a headache and I feel hungover.

Feels bad, man.

My body finally got the hint. I ate some 1000 kcal this afternoon (bought some baked goods filled with poppy seeds).

All afternoon, I didn't touch a thing to eat. Not hungry.

This means my body is finally more sensitive to the fact that I have enough calories.

As one of our regulars has begun work on an electronics project during out gym sessions, I'm officially upgrading #CircusInPlace to being the only place you can hang out with mad #scientists, #hackers, and #clowns.

The fun, of all types, starts at 8pm UTC-5:

Re-hacking Doctor on hackthebox because apparently, I don't like doing things right the first time.

Empire doesn't wanna work. Not in Kali, not in parrot.

What the fuck is wrong here.

I commissioned a print of my dog Baxter.

I call it Baxter the Great!

474.3 MEGAHASHES per second.

Now I understand why I need a tower to crack my hashes.

This is unacceptable, trying to hashcrack with a fucking laptop :-D

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