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Work best be ready because I'm coming in hot!

OSCP 2020


(that's what OSCP is gonna tell me soon)

Okay, Ducky One 2 TKL it may be.

Looking at Grey switches makes me horny.

Hard and clicky.

My day so far:

Chilling in the ol' bathtub.

GF's mom calls:
"Hey, m4iler, I have a package coming and I'm already going on vacation. Can you pick it up for me?"

I don't have the keys to that flat. Okay, there's a cafΓ© around the corner.

Go to cafΓ©.
Wait for about an hour. Had gud cofe.
Package comes, around 60lbs.
Take over package. Now what? I can't get in the flat.

Pick up package and haul it to the cafΓ©. Sit down, have a lemonade and wait.

GF calls me an hour later.

"Hi, honey, just got off work and I'm on my way. Just gotta check if I got the... FUCK"
"What? Did something happen?"
"I left the keys at home."

So now I'm ridesharing to get keys and back again.

How's your Wednesday going, my dudes?

@m4iler I was just looking at this and wondering if I should actually buy a new laptop for once. What are you running on it? Any issues/advice?

Learning from Black Hat Python is a pain since Python2 got the chop.

BUT there's a silver lining: by having to modify/debug every line of code that sends/receives data, I don't feel as much of a skid anymore. It's a small point, but valuable for me nonetheless. Encoding/decoding data sent is a pain, but it's good in the long run.

Note as well: I have no idea if I'll need a GPU (for hash cracking), so I have no idea if I'll have to get a GPU-equipped laptop. BUT my thinking is that god damn, a laptop GPU sucks anyway. It may get me faster hash cracks, BUT it'll eat resources like crazy.

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Company told me:

Pick a laptop for sub-1000$ (if possible) so that we can get you up and running.

WHY the fuck 1000$ for laptop only?! Fuck that, for 1k, I can get:

- laptop (thinkpad x250)
- dock
- 2 monitors
- GPU + dock for it (for that hash cracking extravaganza)
- new battery
- fuck, a new display, while I'm at it!

Please, someone talk me out of sending this to the company :-D

So it's Penetration tester.

I failed, but no one can say I didn't try.

Cc: @ryen @thegibson

@m4iler @remotenemesis it took me a few hours to realize the full beauty of this statement. bravo.

Good night, dear fedi.

I feel like I understand python3 sockets just a little more than I did yesterday.

Good night, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite.

Remove all of the other good things about Mastodon and the Delete/Redraft option on its own still makes it a better platform than Twitter.

And Delete/Redraft is outshone by several other great things, just saying.

It's really nice, since it's a TUI interface for Mastodon <3 I'm in love. This is peak cyber.

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Okay, I'm looking for a keyboard now. If any of you have any recommendations, I'm completely open.


Tactile, non-click switches.
Under 100$ in price, if possible.

Detachable cable

Healthcare, COVID-19, haxx 

Sent my first 2 packages.

Felt gud, man.

Making tracking flags is good business. And the margin is good enough that I can afford to send one or two replacements in case any of them don't survive the transit.

I want to provide good service.

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