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It is so maddening that we keep going backwards.

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re: misgendering 

You may not approve of someone's marriage.

But you don't "accidentally" keep referring to them as single, for years after their ceremony, do you?

No, because that would be sociopathic.

You make a fuckin point to learn their new name and status, because that's what humans do for other humans.

You learn it, and you refuse to let yourself forget, because you don't want to be known publicly as a flaming asshole.

Same if they get divorced.

And if you don't give trans people the same respect you'd give some shotgun wedding, wow. Says a lot.

I've managed to go the last 3-4 years without owning a car. I don't want to own a car, but I'm now living somewhere that's too close to family and friends to warrant flying, but too far away to warrant hundreds of dollars on a rental every time I want to go see them. We need more trains.

Really I've just been toying with the idea of making a knowledge base in general - for satellites, orbital mechanics, general solar system, etc. It's what prompted me to create sol4rnet (haven't talked about this yet).

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I kind of want to attempt making a sort of wiki around different satellites and any known data around them.

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I forgot to add alt text to this, so re-posted!

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captain's log, absence, mh 

Haven't been very active in cyber space recently. My mental health kind of took a slight dip for a bit. I think I'm starting to come back around though.

It would have been nice if my brain could have waited until after the new folks started joining so I could have had a chance to properly engage with everyone.

I did manage to make myself see a psychiatrist for the first time in several years, so that's progress. Starting medication tomorrow, but I'm a tad nervous about it.

The itch to get back into a shell is returning, so I'm feeling a little better regardless.

Mastodon's tech is superior simply because my timeline doesn't randomly jump around in the middle of me scrolling.

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How to find people to follow on Mastodon 

- Search for hashtags and follow people who use them
- Use your local and global timelines for people who have things in common with your instance
- Make sure replies are showing in your timeline to see who the people you follow usually interact with
- Follow someone when a good post is reshared in your timeline
- Go to specific instances and browse their member directory
- Introduce yourself using #introduction, follow back whoever follow you

Have fun!

Huge welcome to all the new folks coming in! This town is amazing and has been a net positive experience on my life and I've been here less than a month.

Enjoy your stay and hack the planet!


I've been AWOL all weekend helping with family stuff. What'd I mi- oh

i try to limit myself to a non-root user, but sometimes rage ensu -s


bring forth again the telnet days (in way of ssh)

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