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I mean seriously, these error messages may as well be lorem ipsum and they'll be just as descriptive

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Nevermind & disregard this, as I seemed to have solved my own issue.

The solution? Apparently as of recently, pages on FF have suddenly been requesting access to USE canvas on the page, and my dumb, paranoid ass, read "allow", and immediately skipped to "data", and habitually selected "block", causing the issue I mentioned before... hitting allow restores it to how its supposed to look. which is "not glitchy".

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So I've been experiencing this weird issue that only pertains to Firefox, so far. Though at this point, I'm not sure if it is my browser, or somehow my gfx card :blob:

Basically, it seems like client-side rendered media shows up as pixel-stretched blocks. I see it in the h.t favicon (which i think is a base64ed), and basically anywhere online that renders canvas elements.

The annoying this is, I've been keyword fishing on google to see if anyone else has had the same issue, but have had 0 success. I just dont know how to phrase weird issue in a search-friendly format.

Images related; the weird distortion I'm seeing in question.

Mantra, or a simple common experience we all share, or something like that.

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my 1060 has been acting up lately, likely because of the preview build of windows 11 I'm running ):

There would be just random moments where my computer locks up, and all my monitors go black. which is great while I'm working, its like a built in "break" timer 😒

I'm hoping to order the parts i need for a new build soon, but the problem may ultimately be windows...


Sometimes, a simple glance at the trending topics sidebar (that I've made TW completely dissociate from me, for that absolute objectivity) can give insight into the absolute nonsense that is 20XX.

Although, nothing says "Current Events" like Ukraine & Wordle amiright?

About to embark on a 3 hour journey back home, and praying to the traffic gods not to fuck this up plz.

Also hoping to get home in one piece so I can hop on and escape this hellscape we know as reality.

Another day as a cog in the machine. Apologies in advance for posting nothing but existentially damning posts.

Positivity isn't a common trait associated with work.

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