Recently downloaded No Man's Sky on steam, and tbh, I did not expect to like it as much as i did. Now to try it in VR 👀

@ltrademark I have a friend that keeps playing. What do you enjoy about it? tempted to buy it.

@Ventronik I'm not entirely sure if its just one thing in particular, but it definitely fills a void most other "space exploration" games havent reached. The multi-player aspect also adds additional complexity and re-playability.

I managed to snag it on a 40% sale on steam, and upon jumping in, it was quite overwhelming; no tut on controls or any guidance on objective. However after a few moments thereafter, the game clues you in on next objectives and so on.

@Ventronik TLDR; I sunk a lot of time into this game likely because i've always had a bias towards space explorers && mmorpg's. lol

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