Hey folks! I've renovated my page with short game reviews if anyone is interested in reading those. They'll be at the URL in my bio, I'm avoiding linking it directly because when the HT server is up I'm going to move everything over there and update my bio accordingly. Hoping to get a gopher version done sometime too. I intend to keep reviewing them as more come out as well.

There's still several games sitting on my playdate that I need to write up but I didn't see a need to write every single one today lol

@lori ooh! Yours was the first Gemini page I’ve ever been to. What drew you to Gemini?

@ultramagnus_tcv I'd say largely just my general interest in technologies I'm not familiar with, but I like the idea of pivoting back to pure-content bespoke blogs, and both Gemini and Gopher seem to have communities that focus and support this kind of thing! Haven't sat down to figure gopher out yet but I intend to mirror this blog to both eventually

@lori In my world, Gopher was so here-and-gone between BBSs, GEnie, and the web.

@ultramagnus_tcv it seems like alongside gemini it has had some renewed interest, hilariously I looked at the wikipedia page for it and some kind of gopher census that gets done has seen numbers start going up instead of down again

@kelbot glad you like it! Hoping to write up a few more tomorrow, I have a ton of games I've played on it so far (especially since a lot of the games in these early days are short since most people haven't had the SDK long)

@lori I've got a collection I started on itch that I'm slowly collecting games to try once I get mine. :-)

@lori cool you got your play date! Im still waiting. Is it fun?
Also voll that you habe a capsule and post regulary.

@mischk I'm loving it! I hope to see some longer games out for it later but folks haven't had the SDK long and I'm only on week 2 of season one so we will see!

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