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Well, it's that time of year. Time to put the fan up in the office and swicth from drinking old fashions to mint jelups.

Eating mystery jars of soup I found in the freezer.

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re: covid 

@mansr @mwlucas I'm also tired of the systemic defeatism we have in this country whenever we face a daunting challenge. I think back to the generations that dealt with WWI and the Spanish Flu and wonder how they'd perceive our apparent lack of fortitude to get shit done.


Had a coworker who was fine at stand up on friday. By tuesday morning they were on a vent. By end of the business day they were dead.

This shit is still out there, just because media decided to stop broadcasting these stories doesn't mean it's not still a daily occurance.

Can’t fall asleep. Thinking about work.

Does this go on my timesheet? Let’s ask fedi.

I've written an ansible playbooks to automate the setting up of my workstations 3 or 4 times now.

And each time, by the time I get around to doing a full system refresh that playbook is so woefully out of date that I throw it away and write it again.

I've realized that the decision to focus my career on remote work was also a decision to focus on learning a set of softskills that excel in a remote environment at the expense of bulking up softskills that excel in office environments.

When someone complains that in-office is more productive due to "spontaneous" conversations or some such, what they are saying is that they min-maxed into the wrong skill tree for remote work.

There's 775,000 acres on fire in New Mexico this season. I won't be surprised if it breaks a million.

Got a PM who likes using the Monday board for tracking issues.

But Monday has one of the weirdest UI things I've ever seen.

You can write a new post to a card and these are ordered reverse chronologically.

But, you can also reply to a post on a card and these are ordered chronologically below the post!

Well the strawberries lasted all of one night outdoors before being devoured.

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@charlotte @fribbledom Corporations only follow, never lead, when it comes to human rights. This is why "constructive engagement" was never going to end apartheid in South Africa.

E-mailing a URL to yourself.

Still faster and more reliable than Firefox's send-tab--to-device.

Ever start typing a long command. And as you are typing that command you begin reading the command and instead of writing the second half of the command, you find yourself recursively rewriting the start of the command?

I skimmed through some of the different systems on wikipedia.

There's books on some of the phonetic systems. But I'd prefer orthographic. My mind just works better that way.

I'm not too interested in transcribing, but rather finding a way to compose my thoughts with a pen at the same speed as I do the keyboard.

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Suprisingly not a lot of resources online if you want to learn shorthand.

A bunch of blogposts by journalists discussing learning teeline in college. Some places wanting to sell you tutoring. But nothing self directed.

Even looking into Amazon, the only texts on teeline are a small handful of books published by the organization that provides the certification in it.

There's a subreddit, because of course there is...

Okay. I planted all 760 seeds into peat pots yesterday. Going to thin them out to 120 plants that will go outdoors eventually.

Due to my trip, I’m running a month behind. Which would put me at transplanting these a couple weeks before monsoon hits. Guess watering won’t be an issue.

Oh thank you POP OS for uinstalling steam, librewolf and docker during the 22.04 update. I guess I just didn't need any of those applications. :blobcoffeegrump:

Daily Dracula has me interested in learning shorthand.

And after reading some of the articles on it on wikipedia, it's got me wondering why we wasted all of 3rd grade learning cursive when we could have been learning this. I could've used this in college. Not pretty loopy illegible letters.

Oh hey it’s that weekend where I hide in the cabin, emerging only to scream obscenities at the VRBO renters to put out their damn campfire before they burn the whole valley down.

Which is pretty much every weekend, but this one is just a little more intense.

Buying a new laptop for work. Going to replace the desktop and MacBook that I currently use.

At home, it will be a work machine. I can use my desktop for personal projects. But on the road, I won’t want to carry two machines.

So how best to separate those concerns?

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