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3 rants in 30 minutes.

Must be monday.

Me: I should take Sundays off from being extremely online.

Also Me: Wakes up on sunday and writes an 8,000 character toot about how I want to buy a cienega and grow potatoes.

Less daydreaming, more digging!

At my currently, super leisurely pace. I'll probably only get one done this weekend. Good thing I've got another month before anything comes outside.

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So far very few rocks, and what rocks I've found have been easily lifted and carried. I was expected to hit a few umovable monsters under there.

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The digging is going slow because of these suckers. On the surface they look like a tiny ground plant. But underneath is a giant four inch thick taproot I need to cut through.

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And of course, you have to do a cut test.

My edge alignment could have been a little better, but this is the first time I've tried swinging the blade at something.

#cutlass #sword #blacksmith #video

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Thinking about the early 00's and my online usage at the time -- there were properietary platforms. There was deviant art, livejournal, myspace (although I didn't use it), the various messengers (aim, msn, icq) and I'd include mmorpgs in there. But there was also a wide range of smaller community run self-hosted ventures -- phpBB, wordpress blogs, static sites, email, irc.

The notable thing is that there was such a huge diversity of platforms that you were on. The communitites that you participated in where also spread across these platforms with a wide varity of intersections.

There wasn't just one thing.

Then the silos appeared and for a while we joked that the internet had become just two or three sites. The book site was definitely aiming at becoming a totalizing force of all online social interaction and readily bought out anything that started to compete.

And I would not want the fediverse to become a totalizing online social force. Not that I think it ever could be, but if it did that would be bad just like the silos hoovering up all online communities was bad. It's better place is one in a wide diversity of platforms that people move between freely.

And it feels like we've turned a corner and those totalizing platforms are spinning out of control -- and shedding users across the internet. Some are ending up in the fediverse. Some are rediscovering making their own sites. Some are just moving over to other properietary platforms -- discord, tiktok, twitch. All the old messenger services died, but now there's all new messenger services.

The network effect of everyone being on one place is coming to an end. And that is great!

We should resist the urge to try to get everyone into one place. Let everyone spread out across the internet and have those communities that span between services. Even if some of those are properietary, I will take ten non-totalizing properietary platforms over one great :moloch:

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Also, for anyone new... the federated timeline is a silly place.

I know that dread thing, the sun,
rolls westward across the plains,
bringing ever closer
an end to this delightful night.

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Unpopular opinion:

Websites should never show timestamps as "x minutes/hours/days ago" but should always show timestamps as LITERALLY THE ACTUAL DATE AND TIME

because otherwise, 1) you have no clue when any event actually happened, it depends on "when did the server/client refresh this page" and 2) when you're scanning for "literally a date/time" string, you can't find it and it's so frustrating.

Oh and ALWAYS include the timezone or it's still nonsense.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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Everyone who didn't include me in their #FF toots today is on a list.

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Started the weekend project of building the raised beds. First step is linseed oil applied to all the boards.

Tomorrow is the bit I am not looking forward to which is going to be leveling the space.


the Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs.

I've seen Burroughs lying around at bookstores and libraries but for whatever reason he is one of the beats that I'm rather unfamiliar or no one has ever recommended to me.

Gingsberg, if I quote anything from Howl here it will get boosted to the moon. Everyone knows On the Road. But for whatver reason, people in my circles never reccomend Burroughs...

Finished reading The Go Programming Language.

I give it, maybe a D-. There's some interesting stuff in there, but no way after reading it would you be ready to embark on writing any Go code and this is coming from an experienced developer.

I'm looking at doing A Tour of Go again. I recall that being brief and good enough to get the syntax going.

I've also had recommended to me and might skim through this weekend.

I've cooked up some minor automation tasks that I'd usually reach out to Python for that I might use to get my feet wet next week.

is back!

Let'd throw some names in the pot:

@vortex_egg for all your disinfo analysis

@rysiek for the Eastern Europe hacker perspective

@SuricrasiaOnline for creating a lot of cool shader shit among other things

@ajroach42 for all things public domain and retro

Thinkin about a bookwrym alt. Or a considering a bookwrym instance for town.

But I feel like I'd just end up posting my reading rants over there just so my account over here can boost them. So not sure if it's worth it.

Judging from my rate of typos on fedi it is suprising that any of code ever works.

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