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More from this unnamed hobby of finding interesting things in elevation and satellite imagery data!

You can play with this with my app Ogawa which is still alpha-quality, it has too many controls and too little documentation but most of these shots came from this tool.

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Once more reminding me that knowledge that the fediverse merely exists puts me into a certain bubble.

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Friend posts screenshot of Mastodon on Discord

Me: Oh no, Mastodon is leaking into the normal-net

Friend: What's Mastodon

Me: post's link

Friend: Oh another anything goes social network.

Me: :blobrage:

I discovered yesterday that there is a 550 mile stretch of interstate between San Antonio and El Paso that is devoid of good coffee.

nft joke 

Going to go mint a series of 1x1 pixel bitmaps covering the entire rgba colorspace, then sue everyone for stealing my colors.

14 hours driving across Texas yesterday. Outside of El Paso, I haven't seen much of Texas.

West Texas is beautiful. Rugged isolated mountains. The occasional river. A cluster of trees around a homestead. The middle bit a little less so. Flat, but still rugged desert. It was dark by the time we hit where the maps shows it becoming more forested.

Then I reach my destination. San Antonio. The air from the golf smells nice. Good cover for the usual stench of cities.

I spent 30 minutes driving around trying to find some coffee that didn't have a line out the door or traffic packed up on to the street and gave up and went back to drinking my day-old lukewarm gas station coffee out of the stanley.

I dunno. Before the pandemic, I found it kind of fun to go visit a city for a week or so. But my tolerance for this bullshit is pretty much zero. I'm going to just hide in my hotel room and order pizza until I can go back out to the desert.

tfw You didn't even notice that Youtube was throttling youtube-dl because your internet connection was already that slow.

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Firefox 94 introduced a little ad banner for Mozilla VPN in a new private tab. I like #Firefox and try to support them, but I don't care to see this.
Here's how to fix it in "about:config", set this value to nothing:
or from your "user.js" file:
user_pref("browser.privatebrowsing.vpnpromourl", "");

.. and it's gone!

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The cat is much friendlier now that I've blocked off everywhere in the office from which she can hide and snipe at my feet as I walk by.

Wrapped the annual. Yes, we do have unit tests. You should consider running and/or adding to them. Spiel.


But where you write the unit tests, but never bother running them until right before launch.

Time to start another wonderful workday of mashing F12.

uspol white-supremacism

Here I just thought Brandon was the high school quarterback or something wholesome.

Nope, it's a white supremacist dog whistle.

Guess a whole slew of local businesses are making it really easy for me to add to the do-not-patronize list.

The tomatoes took so long to grow that by the time they were starting to fruit the room was already dropping into the 30s at night and they did not take well to that at all.

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Thinking about doing a winter container garden in our south-facing Arizona room.

We did tomatoes in there last summer. And while we got a few, it was a lot of effort.

The room isn't heated or insulated, it does dip near freezing at night, but is typically warm (70+) during the day in the winter. I've got ferns and aloe that have grown fine in there for years without frosting.

Any gardeners out there recommendations on what to grow? Was thinking of potatoes, cabbage or other root veggies.

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Content-Warning Request: Zuckerberg 

Can pictures (and preferably posts) of #Zuckerberg please be posted under a #contentWarning? I really don't need to see his annoying mug all over my timeline, thank you.

Still don't like the idea of giving any money to that man. But Frontier is a special level of hell.

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Two more months on Frontier before I can switch to Musk's Skynet.

Getting really tempting to just buy that contract out.

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