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Woo. Now I can play... a 2D Solarus game. Which I probably didn't need the nvidia card for anyways.

So it looks like POP OS upgraded my kernel to 5.11, which the nvidia-driver-390 doesn't support.

Switching back to 5.8 in grub and installing the driver there appears to have fixed things.

glmark2 is back to framerates in the thousands instead of the hundreds.

It takes me 2 hours to fix this every time it happens. That's about half the time I was able to schedule for actually playing games. 😡

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So after nuking and rebooting the POP OS update center wants to install nvidia-390 through Flatpak I guess?

This whole apt + flatpak (or on ubuntu apt + snap or what have you) situation really confuses me.

Gave that a shot. Now to reboot again...

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installing system76-drivers-nvidia is never the answer.

Purging everything nvidia related and rebooting.

Trying to install the nvidia-384 package which is the oddly named package that installs the nvidia-390 driver...

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Keeps trying to upgrade me to shiny new drivers that don't work with my ancient card.

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Hmmm... was going to play some games tonight but made the mistake of rebooting POP_OS and it appears to have nuked the Nvidia drivers again...

Completing features by foisting them onto vendors, a ted talk.

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"He Walked by Night" (1948)

This movie is an overlooked film noir gem. It is a police procedural, filmed in a documentary style. The plot describes a lone killer who outsmarts the police at every turn. A dedicated officer (Scott Brady), relentlessly investigating details, gives authorities some hope of catching the ruthless psychopath (chillingly portrayed by Richard Basehart).

Great cinematography, as always, by John Alton.

If you like film noir, don't miss this movie.

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Amused the pleroma is getting verbed... with a negative connotation.

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I wish the non-js static web (http specifically) had its own protocol string or something, so it was sufficiently separated from the shitweb.

I've been trying to use the web with NoScript+Firefox and with Dillo, but it's hard to get by day-to-day without these JS-filled hellsites.

Unbundle browsers!

We don't need a general purpose VM that does everything. Make a bunch of smaller purpose built engines.

We can still make REST APIs and use actual purpose-built front-ends to create rich accessible UIs.

We can have formulations of HTML and CSS purpose built for application development to run in these engines.

And we can return web browsers to being a presentation layer for hyperlinked documents.

If knowledge is power, then having more information than your opponent and being in a position to control the flow of that information to them is essential towards manipulating them into behaviors beneficial towards yourself.

This is essentially what marketing departments in business are for.

And would be considered abusive on a personal level.

I should stop reading into the signs at the library.

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Continuing thoughts on Decay of the Angel, and connecting this to the some contemporary issues.

I got rid of my Facebook account a few years back (or I should say, I blocked it on the router and stopped logging in)... largely because I realized it encouraged me to develop a parasocial relationship with people who had previously been actual friends.

Honda achieves all the symbols of success in our society -- everything but children. He has a wife. He has prestige from his position as a judge and later a lawyer. He has wealth. But he hasn't really lived his own life, he's mostly just been a voyeurs onto the lives lived by others. And he has suffered because of this.

There are a lot of mechanisms in our society, modern social media being one of them but it's not alone in this, that encourage us to take up lives of voyeurs. Our participation in the milestones of loved ones lives reduced to like buttons. Our political engaged reduced to 140 characters of outrage. Our creative endeavors turned to consumption.

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Also boy have I felt like shit all afternoon. That vaccine can really put you on your ass.

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suicide mention, spoilers, what a wonderful world, niijigahara holograph, sea of fertility 

Thematically this also reminds me of Mishima's Sea of Fertility tetraology which I wrapped up back in January.

Had Honda been approached by one of Asano's shinigami's at the beach house with Kiyoaki and Satoko -- would he have taken this offer? Would we have been spared 3 more novels in which Honda becomes increasing perverse trying to return to the, as Satoko points out at the end of Decay of the Angel -- really an illusion of the youth that he believed had existed?

I suppose we have Mishima's answer to this particular existential struggle.

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suicide mention, spoilers, what a wonderful world, niijigahara holograph, sea of fertility 

I also now remember why I read WAWW and Holograph back to back. In the second volume of WAWW you start to hear mention of an endemic sweeping the city. This is revealed to be a deal that a particular shinigami is offer to particularly happy people -- the chance to stay forever in that moment of happiness. Those who accept have their souls detached from their bodies to live out the remainder of their lives in those happy memories.

Holograph has a very similar endemic that's played up from a more horror-angle.

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suicide mention, spoilers, what a wonderful world, niijigahara holograph, sea of fertility 

Finished with Asano's What a Wonderful World!, onward to Niijigahara Holograph

I really need to remember to reference this chart next time I read it. Each vignette contains different characters and almost all are connected. A few recurr (like Horito shows up in four), but often the torch is passed from protagonist to a background character. Since the timeline is also jumbled it can get bit confusing as to who-is-who.

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flopine mentioned that I had an article about useful functions for shader livecoding, and I realized I forgot to post that:


Whoever put their chips down in Moderna come get your prize.

Guess it will be mid-May before I can go back to picking up groceries in person.

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