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It simply doesn't matter whether the individuals we're drawn into engaging against, in our workplaces or on social media, are sincere. They are repeating propaganda, doing the work of fascism, and the only effective countermeasure is to be blatantly obvious about responding in kind

In the absence of the courage or physical ability to declare that repeating right wing propaganda is violent by actually punching the person in the nose, saying that Stalin's shit smelled like roses is a close approximation of proportional response

no, you don't "get more conservative as you age"

you just start liking jazz for some reason

I need to do either a purge of dead accounts or hunt down migrated accounts here because there are a lot of personalities that have disappeared from my timeline since this spring.

This gives LotR a few interesting characteristics that a lot of it's imitators and modern fantasy seems to be missing.

For example, LotR is meant to be re-read, and just in it's entirety but once you have the outline in your mind you can go back and re-read the best parts. I can read Tom Bombadill, Moria, or Treebeard in isolation from the rest the book -- just as I might read favorite passages out of Beowulf or the Odyssey.

I can't do that with GRR.

On the other hand, I can also understand some folks complaints that LotR doesn't have the drama of modern literature. Without that rich inner world to the characters we don't have the same kind of hook that makes you not be able to put down GRR or turn off a Netflix marathon.

But I'm not necessarily sure that's good.

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More idle LotR thoughts.

The first time I read LotR it was in middle school coming off of a long run of reading through all the big epics: Beowulf, the Odyssey, the Iliad, the Volksungs, the Mabinogion.

LotR very much belongs in the same category. There's some modernist conceits in it's plotting, but how it treats it's characters is not modernist in the slightest. We aren't spending any great deal of time exploring the inner worlds of Frodo's id.

Work at Google. Work at Facebook. Work at Palantir. Heck, work at Phillip Morris or Exxon Mobil or Halliburton. But don’t you dare be proud of it. And don’t you dare tell me you’re working to bring about a better world for everyday people. Don’t you fucking even dare.

All my morning meetings cancelled after I dragged myself out of bed and had coffee.

Now I'm trapped in that in-between state where I don't know if I should just go back to bed or force myself to work.

If poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world, hackers are its court jesters. So leap, caper, utter prophecies, and scratch yourselves in public. We can play with Big Ideas because the garish motley of our pulp origins make us seem harmless.
(with apologies to Bruce Sterling)

When Dogen talks about being free, he means being free from delusions and attachments. He does not mean the freedom to do whatever one wants to do. In fact, that sort idea about freedom would be one of the delusions that practice helps us get free from.

I think a decade ago I was all in on the personal freedom bit, and have found my attitude about it gradually moving towards seeing the fault lines when coupled with radical individualism and a general lack of community concern...

Rereading the Lord of the Rings this year and I've reached The Return of the King..

and I realize, that other than the destruction of the ring and the razing of the Shire. I can't remember anything that happens in the book (or the movie) outside of the big beats.

dutch is a fake made up language like pig latin, esperanto, or french

The update to Ubuntu 20.04 appears to have fubarred the printer drivers. Printing now just results in blank pages until every page in the trey's been spat out.

I'm not quite sure if I blame Ubuntu or Brother. I had an old laser printer of theirs from 2004 that ran great for 15 years. I even disassembled and re-greased the moving parts on it twice.

I bought a new one last year and it's consistently been a pos.

Particularly, I recall this scene.

Leave it to Osamu Tezuka to make a horrifying children's film that I remember three decades later.

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Hot fucking shit.

I have been scouring IMDB for this movie for DECADES based off a vague childhoold recollection of the plot. I had started to think that I'd made it up.

I swear that node apps are like some kind of plant that just keeps outgrowing its container. You blink and it's added a couple more mb of dependencies.

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I swear, every time I run sam build the aws lambda gets bigger. It's at 9.9 mb of node crap now. I swear the last time I ran it it was 8. I haven't changed anything.

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