WTF does cryptocurrencies have to do with creative commons or the internet archive. And moreover, it seems antithetical to their projects.

EFF, I can kinda see. They do have a more libertarian origin which lines up with the crypto scam, and have been on my "maybe cut" list each year. They do good stuff, but are are a bit too friendly towards business interests for my liking.

@ajroach42 Oh so organized.

/me looks at the overflowing buckets of tools in the shed.

Maybe someday...

re: On stoves and fires, alternative, slightly sweary 

@seachaint @nobody

Not super sold on the catalytic units. I spent a small fortune on a new wood stove trying to keep the particulates down. It is, in fact, the only thing that heats my cabin through the winter.

The performance is definitely not up to what I was hoping. Still stinks and belches ash when it starts up.

Definitely an area that needs more looking into.

Also, depending on where you are also, firewood cutting might be the only fire suppression going on.

@art If it's not 80 or 443; then it must be devil work.


Zoom seems to be one of the better ones (okay, at this point only) to scale with the connection. E.g., I've had plenty of 4+ person meetings on zoom with or without screen sharing on a toggled 4G connection. Which would be <10Mbps.

(Although, not certain what the video quality on that was. Good enough. Not quite sure why anyone would need a HD close up of my face.)


I've bought the turkey.

But I'm just not feeling the vibe to bother assembling it into a meal tomorrow.

Maybe next week, some day, I'll wake up, and make a Thanksgiving dinner.

Right now, I'm thinking sleep in and eat leftover pizza.


Cool. Didn't know about Yarner. What it does is actually something that's been on my personal backlog to try to implement because this would be super useful for my digital garden.

Continuing my silent rebellion by always misclassifying one item in the cloud flaire captcha.

I'm sure it does nothing, but it's the small things that bring joy.

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Wanted to post a reminder for newer users that as a kindness, as a community we try to use content warnings for holiday events where family tend to gather or food is involved.

To help out, we ask that if you are going to write about a topic you also use a clear keyword that filters will catch, i.e. your sentient plant friend might encounter your "today's the day :flan_garden:​ gonna plant this oak and try not to kill it, lol!" post, but they probably already had "Arbor Day" filtered out. Just say that in your post, then, so they won't droop or drop any leaves from the stress.

Also, water that sapling. :flan_cleaver:


Artist's rendition of DJ Sundog's trip across the U.S.:

@rysiek @dajbelshaw I really should no longer be amazed at how un-Christlike Christian Civilization is, and yet I am.

re: covid 

But the real question is, with no one vaccinating around me... will I ever be comfortable going to a movie theater... or will I need to drive hours to a high-vaccinated rate area?

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Booster scheduled for next Tuesday.

re: Food, holidays 

@thegibson Who of the 13 will be playing the role of Judas?

re: fedi advice 


Welcome to the fedi, you are likely to be eaten by a grue.

Slack scheduled messages.

Allowing me to pretend that I keep normie hours.

@SuricrasiaOnline That's how I take my coffee while backpacking.

Just chew on them beans while on the trail.

Beats gorp any day.

Oh. Amazon.

How amusing that I can't do something as simple as download an mp3 from your site in Firefox.

Maybe I should take you up on that endless stream of recruiter spam and fix that for you.

@feonixrift @sofia


I think this just illustrates my own draw to it. I have a feeling that there are some more esoteric languages that have tried to achieve a more concise syntax resembling the notation used in math. I've certainly ran across more than one developer whose mind runs in those circles.

I've spent a big chunk of my free time n the pandemic doing kanji drills and reading books on Buddhist metaphysics.

It's lent me to both thinking about the notion of programming languages in which different associated meanings can be attached to a symbol whose meaning is then transformed by placing it adjacent to other symbols. And how much of our programming goes back to Platonic ideals and Aristotelian categories -- what would be the language or structure of understanding computing without relying on those structures?

@feonixrift @sofia

Been reading through the thread and thinking about how my love of writing is what brought me to programming. I treat it as a literary/philosophy/ontological work conducted with a precise subset of English.

My brain can't wrap itself around the various notations that mathematicians use. I've always had to write the notation back out into complete sentences. The verbosity of programming languages over notation would've greatly improved my elementary school math grades.

It helps that modern IDEs are happy to let me write out function names that are complete sentences since autocomplete will just finish them for me.

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