Got back from camping over the fourth to find that the birch tree has decided to provide for the pantry.

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The military-industerial complex intentionally targets the poor with propaganda and promises to escape their life circumstances if only they sign up. And all of them were kids with very little life experience and every adult figure in their lives telling them they were unemployable trash, that no college will accept them, that this is their only way out.

No one I know who signed up fully understood what they were getting into, they just knew they were getting out of whatever abusive, crippling situation they were in right now.

In one case, they were literally living off the street and a recruiter offered them food.


This definitely falls under one of those "the engineer must stand under the bridge" scenarios.

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I end up viewing that the fact that businesses can operate in secret from the public is about as onerous as the existence of copyright. :blobcoffeegrump:

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If I have the magic wand that can abolish copyright, why then can I not use this wand also to abolish trade secrets? No commercial access to the market, without full disclosure to the public of what your code does... businesses aren't people, they don't have a right to any privacy.

What I'd like to see is to expand and strengthen the concept of moral rights (which doesn't even exist in the states). That is where, in a copy-right-less world we can keep corporations and government interests from using our work for immoral ends.

@feonixrift @thegibson I do love Ireland, if not for the rain... and other Americans.


The "just drive down to Phoenix and buy a ticket to anywhere" option is starting to sound less and less crazy.

I'm already somewhat committed to the idea that I don't want to be in this country by the time of the next presidential election since I figure coming back will be easier then getting out...

re: From the Birbsite 

@snipe Tell cypnk to come back, the fediverse misses them.


There's been a few attempts at something like this -- where you could put money into a monthly account and then it would be divided among the sites that you read. But it still introduces a centralized source that needs to track which articles you had read.

I think any attempt at that would need to be moved up into a standardized layer. Like a header that specifies an bank account that can receive donations for that domain and then integration the transaction handling into the browser so you can just click a button and make a 10 cent donation to that account from your account.

But we still need to get transactions fees down to the point where they're essentially free to make that happen.


I get why a business might not want their code on individual developers machines... but I don't really get what that benefits the developer themself.

Like the first thing I want to do, if it hasn't been done already, is virtualize my employer's stack onto a local machine so I can manage the entire application. The log files are just there. I don't need to ask someone with admin access to install packages. If my network goes down, I can keep working. Hell, I can work from camp with barely a trickle of cell coverage. I can put my entire unix toolset into play...

... what does the code not being on my machine get me?

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Feels like anytime I hear someone complaining that Mastodon isn't ready for the "big time" because they don't have any reach you can click over to their profile and find that their post:reply ratio is approaching infinity.

You can't just shout at the void here and expect it to reward you, you need to actually interact with other people on the platform.

Going to do myself a favor and just outright mute

I've had enough apologia for the failures of the Democratic party.

I'll vote for them because I have to, but god willing, I will not put up with listening to excuses for their bullshit.


Right now, I'm running Ubuntu on the work machine, and POP_OS! on my "play" machine. And POP_OS! does this to me a few times a week, but never on the Ubuntu machine. It happens enough to keep me from switching the work machine to POP.

So it's nice to see that I'm not alone.... it seems switching to a console and then back to the GUI fixes it sometimes.

My only other complaint is that it likes to install Nvidia drivers and kernels that don't work with my hardwear and I've had to be very assertive with pinning everything and then manually testing if things work. Which never happened with vanilla Ubuntu.

I like what they're doing for the UI. But under the hood could use some work.


It's something like this. A 20 lbs. metal pipe that's capped at one end with handles on the sides for pounding down fence stakes.

The stakes I'm doing are 7' tall so they're over my head. What I didn't account for was when you lift the pipe up, as soon as it's off the stake, the top of the tool is going to want to rotate around in your hands and come down on top of your head.

Need to use a ladder. And should probably have been wearing my hard hat, but I was rushing and this is what happens when I rush...


Fornuately the neighbor saw it happen and ran over, and helped me and checked me over.

He's a retired shop teacher. Said he did the exact same thing to himself the first time he used one of those.


No feeling like blacking out. Eye dialation checks out.

Problem with "checking out" is that would begin with driving 30 miles.

@thegibson we will see once the adrenaline wears off…

@thegibson well I didn’t loose consciousness, so I’ve got that going for me. Think I got lucky.

Just dropped a twenty pound T-stake hammer in my head. Apparently when you lift it off the stake it has a tendency to do that.

Didn’t knock myself out. Having a bit of a sit with the neighbor who saw it happen.


It shows a fundamental misunderstanding about what money even is.

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