This is my official post to say that from today, May 1st, until July 1st, I will be taking my annual fast from social media, news, and the internet in general (or as much as I can).

Hope to see everyone back here in a couple of months!

re: pet death 

I'm too exhausted for eulogies at this point.

After three weeks being stuck down in the city trying we returned last night to a dogless-house.

Those two have been with us for almost nine years. They were so very much the centerpiece of our household.

Now it's just too quite here. There's no one to eat the carrot peelings and other scraps while I cook.

I can't even really escape into the woods, since who will go hiking with me? Who will sit by my side while I lounge at camp?

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pet death 

We lost Rowdy the basset hound yesterday morning.

He was recovering from his heart surgery and an AirBnB we rented in the valley, and for the first four days with us he was steadily improving although he was still breathing very heavily and panting.

He started acting restless on Wednesday night. He sat up in bed, and just would not lay down. I sat up with him all night, and he slept only an hour or two.

We made an appointment with his surgeon for the next day, and fiddled with his pain meds. But he passed away on us in the car ride over to the clinic.

Starting to get close to that time of the year where I go on a several month fast of my internet usage.

It's already slowly starting due to just being too damn busy with life to be online... but starting May 1st, I will probably be off of Mastodon, Matrix, and everything else until June.

I'll still pop on if someone DMs me, but I'll be pausing on casual browsing of the 'net to focus more on reading inscriptions in dead trees.

@brennen We're already getting smoked out by a 2,000 acre fire west of us.

I was reflecting last year how my backpacking routine has gone from just throwing things in the truck and going to first checking to see if whatever mountain I want to climb isn't on fire first.

It's that time of year again.

Time to watch the world burn.


pet death

Vickie passed away on my lap in the early hours of this morning.

We rescued her from the pound in Sioux Falls, SD. She had been used in a puppy mill, shot once with a shotgun and had a respiratory infection that shook the house -- was not potty trained and never did quite understand the idea.

Over the nine years she spent with us she shed a lot of her fears and came to trust us and be a great home-office companion.

She could out hike us all. And when she grew old we carried her for miles.

She was wickedly clever. No fence could ever container her. She once figured out how to get on a counter by using a lazy-Susan as a ladder.

One blizzard in Wyoming she disappeared for the night and returned proudly with the neighbor's hen. She would dig up ground hogs in the yard. Sit patiently by a tree and wait for hours for a squirrel to make the strategic mistake of touching ground.

I will deeply miss her in my life, but cherish the moments we had together.

Sick pets 

Basset Hounds paracardial effusion came back so he went into heart surgery this morning and will be in hospital for 48 hours. They’ve ruled out cancer — the growth on his heart is something foreign so probably the Valley fever fungus.

Got home to find the beagle throwing up and refusing to eat or drink. So turned around and took her in as well. She’s coming home. Looks like she was just dehydrated.

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Sick pets 

For my next trick I will empty my savings account in an attempt to not have all my dogs die on me in the same day.

@thegibson (didn't realize they'd been bought by Okta last month... which is weird, because until last month I'd never heard of Okta but had hear of Auth0)

@thegibson There goes gibs, vaguepost annihilating another company's dreams of an IPO.

Really enjoying all this characterization and build up before some tragedy leads @vortex_egg into turning their disinformation research into super-villainy and the construction of a mind-control network.

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How did we end up at a state where tech nerds who write down command and function references for their use-cases call them "Cheatsheets" and not "Grimoires"?

Started watching Laid Back Camp since... hey I like camping, and need something calm to watch right now.

And while it is kind of nice to watch right now since I'm not in a position to be camping...

It feels an awful lot like an extended commercial for REI.

@socketwench See and I took it that the bad acting and writing was because they're stuck in a video game...

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Having received the Covid vaccine, I wake to find myself transformed into a monstrous microchip. As I lie here unable to move from my bed, staring up at my giant pins as they twitch in the air, I contemplate whether I will ever be able to return to my job as a software engineer.

@kupad Your nvidia card driver's aren't working.

That's usually how I notice that it's falling back on CPU rendering. The animations will suddenly get jittery.


My toots on the recent matter...

It's a pity to see that the FSF is really just a cult of personality without any substance. However, it is a relief to see that there are so many projects and other institutions that pretty much make FSF irrelevant to the entire notion of free-software.

I never really read or paid any attention to RMS until I donated to FSF a few years back... and their newsletter was so much fanning over him. So I shouldn't be surprised that they can't see a future for free-software without him.

Thankfully, I don't really see free-software as having any need for him in the last twenty+ years, if it ever did. Certainly plenty who've contributed code commits over the years to projects who never once read a word of RMS.

So it's no big loss.

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