Particularly, I recall this scene.

Leave it to Osamu Tezuka to make a horrifying children's film that I remember three decades later.

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So gave Glimpse a shot tonight.

Did what it was supposed to.

Added "Arizona" to the site logo, so people stop booking motel rooms, drive to Alpine California then make angry calls about how they can't find their motel.

On second thought, maybe I don't have the time to read this in one go...

UX pet peeve: Yeah, that's great Digital Ocean. I already have an account. Where the fuck did you move the login link?


Ran out of water crackers today for my kippers. So I decided to give making my own a shot. Surprisingly simple. Just flour (1c), oil (1tbsnp), salt (1tspn), and water(.25c). Rolled out and baked for ten minutes.

Built a dog chute for the beagle since she's having issues with the stairs.

Problem is.. the ramp as is is really just a slide.

Fitness tracker says I somehow did 13.5 miles yesterday while scouting out the route for next week's backpacking trip.

I am beat.

My phone call to Frontier today.

Sadly discovered my shadow IT connection is no longer working there and had to actually call the front door.

So probably part of the problem: 1) one of the four pegs that hold the heat-sink in came lose and 2) I didn't use nearly enough thermal paste when I installed this in 2009.

So, anxiously removed the old heat-sink, cpu, and cleaned off the old paste.

Then found that the new heat-sink has quite a bit of assembly, namely it has a backboard that goes behind the motherboard.

I ended up pulling the GPU, disconnecting all the cables to the mobo, removing it -- putting the back board on and then reinstalling the entire thing. Now I know why I was putting this off...

More generous with the paste this time. Everything powered up. Bios appears to have lost the time, but Windows is... doing it's Windows thing where it configures updates for a couple hours.

Hasn't crashed yet!

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Well at least F@H is forcing me to do actually do a lot of procrastinated maintenance on my lesser used systems.

Time for a little surgery on Big B.

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