Got back from camping over the fourth to find that the birch tree has decided to provide for the pantry.

After three years, the blues festival is back in our little alpine town. There’s an ice cream cart making ice cream with this 1932 John Deer.

Okay. I planted all 760 seeds into peat pots yesterday. Going to thin them out to 120 plants that will go outdoors eventually.

Due to my trip, I’m running a month behind. Which would put me at transplanting these a couple weeks before monsoon hits. Guess watering won’t be an issue.

Container 1 is getting close to done. All six corners of the frame are level.

I installed chicken wire underneath as a gopher countermeasure and started mixing the soil for the container.

I need 32 cubic feet to fill each space. The dirt that I dug up is pretty heavy. The first six inches, where the gophers live, was well turned up. At about a foot it was so compacted it might as well be rock. So I’m mixing in roughly 8 cubic feet of manure, 8 cubic feet of coconut husk, and then 16 cubic feet of the original dirt (after sifting for rocks).

Well the winter potato project is now done. I gave them an extra six weeks and they were looking pretty sad by the end.

End result from nine fingerling potatoes is 1900g of tatters.

Progress thus far… just one corner left to level on the first container. Then cover the bottom with wire and fill the box in.

Starting to think three of these is a bit too ambitious.

The digging is going slow because of these suckers. On the surface they look like a tiny ground plant. But underneath is a giant four inch thick taproot I need to cut through.

Started the weekend project of building the raised beds. First step is linseed oil applied to all the boards.

Tomorrow is the bit I am not looking forward to which is going to be leveling the space.


Materials for the raised beds arrived!

I’m glad I went with freight delivery. No way this would fit in the Tacoma.

Canoe for scale

On my way to making the cabin look like the background of a Ghibli film.


Oh well. Leaving the rest in there a bit longer.

Here is my conquest for four months of work.

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I dug out the entire first plant and this is all I found. Not a great haul considering I already started with one potato.

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The plants have been getting droopy lately. Two died. The porch doesn’t goes from lots of light in the winter to very little in the summer

I haz seeds.

Still a month out before I can start them. But I figure having them in hand will inspire me to go outside and start digging up a space for the garden.

And next up for 2022 just arrived in the mail today: Domesticate Your Badgers by @mwlucas

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