The spiders where hung
By the lantern with care
In hopes that the witches
Soon would be there

I got a new toy.

Now maybe I can keep the Pinebook Pro charged and get around to switching out Debian for Manjaro.


After four days fermenting the kvass. I finally got to making my soup.

The kvass stopped bubbling yesterday and smoothed out. My partner insists that it smells like dirty feet. I think the result tasts better than the kvass I used to buy from the Russian bakery in OR. A bit sweet, definitely heavier. Was tempted to just drink it instead of using it as the soup base.

Got a 1/2 gallon of soup out of it.

But to honest. Should've just stuck with drinking the kvass. The resulting soup is a touch bland for my tastes.

Still don't feel comfortable with going to the theater, so I guess I'm stuck with reading the novelization.

Thanks to a fellow Townie, I'm ready to roll for next year's Defcon phone.

Seeing the east coasters starting to pop up on my timeline which means, is out; you're up


I’ve reached a rest stop that features amphibious vehicles zipping about by the picnic tables.

This is my official post to say that from today, May 1st, until July 1st, I will be taking my annual fast from social media, news, and the internet in general (or as much as I can).

Hope to see everyone back here in a couple of months!

Woo. Now I can play... a 2D Solarus game. Which I probably didn't need the nvidia card for anyways.

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Finished with Asano's What a Wonderful World!, onward to Niijigahara Holograph

I really need to remember to reference this chart next time I read it. Each vignette contains different characters and almost all are connected. A few recurr (like Horito shows up in four), but often the torch is passed from protagonist to a background character. Since the timeline is also jumbled it can get bit confusing as to who-is-who.

Oh it's Eastertime, which for some odd reason for me means Asano. Last year I read through Dead Dead Demon's DeDeDeDeDestruction. This year I'm revisiting What a Wonderful World and Nijigahara Holograph.

Hey, my old account that I haven't logged into in four years still works.

Come on Memphis do your thing.

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