This is my official post to say that from today, May 1st, until July 1st, I will be taking my annual fast from social media, news, and the internet in general (or as much as I can).

Hope to see everyone back here in a couple of months!

Woo. Now I can play... a 2D Solarus game. Which I probably didn't need the nvidia card for anyways.

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Finished with Asano's What a Wonderful World!, onward to Niijigahara Holograph

I really need to remember to reference this chart next time I read it. Each vignette contains different characters and almost all are connected. A few recurr (like Horito shows up in four), but often the torch is passed from protagonist to a background character. Since the timeline is also jumbled it can get bit confusing as to who-is-who.

Oh it's Eastertime, which for some odd reason for me means Asano. Last year I read through Dead Dead Demon's DeDeDeDeDestruction. This year I'm revisiting What a Wonderful World and Nijigahara Holograph.

Hey, my old account that I haven't logged into in four years still works.

Come on Memphis do your thing.


Well look what I picked up at the post office today. Cryptonomicon isn't that much thicker than Snow Crash, maybe a half inch at most.

Trying to help tutor a friend with applied stats. This is about all I've got for z-tables...


I went to make myself a healthy dinner and appear to have accidentally made myself a chocolate cake instead again.

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I mean don't tell me Korea doesn't have a few of these laying around.

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This is Vicky the Beagle. She's 14.

Her latest hobby is finding ways to get herself hopelessly entangled in furniture and then barking until I come rescue her.

Lately she found barking also works when she walks into a closet or down the hallway and can't be bothered to turn around.

And this is why it's 1 AM and I'm just now getting back to the second half of my work day...

Anyways, here's my super sexy $50 K-mart special ergonomic solution:

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@TechnicolorRainbow It's here!

Didn't realize it was a no-starch press book. Could've gotten a discount.

Flipping through the chapters and feeling excited about digging in. Lots of C and some Assembly in there. Always helps to make me feel less like an imposter to have an excuse to whip out C... particularly since I've never really needed to do anything that low level for work.

Looks like it's divided into eight sections:

0x100 Introduction
0x200 Programing (looks like general overview, a bit of C)
0x300 Exploitation (some of the wonderful common exploits that C allows)
0x400 Networking (always great to get refreshed on this)
0x500 Shellcode
0x600 Countermeasures
0x700 Cryptography (an area that I'm only vaguely familiar)
0x800 Conclusion

Well a happy new year to all my virtual friends both organic and bot.


So for those of you using POP OS! on a Desktop using WiFi, it appears that "turn WiFi off to save power" is default on.

I was wondering why I'd get up from my desk, come back and find I'd disconnected from the network.

Oh look, Firefox needs to restart. Going to tell me about what great features they're bringing me by making risk loosing all my tabs...

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