Reading A Philosophy of Software Design and realized that I had ordered the first instead of the second edition (I guess Amazon is trying to dump the first edition).

The nice bit is that John Ousterhout put out a PDF with the new chapters:

We really need more texts on software engineering that approach the practice from a higher level. Too many textbooks become irrelevant quickly because they're too tied into current trends instead of approaching the field from 10,000 feet and looking for common patterns that occur regardless of language, paradigm, or decade.


That said, I do disagree with John who seems to be a bit concerned with people overdoing Clean Code and writing lots of shallow classes and short methods.

This has not been my experience in my career thus far where I need to twist peoples arms to get them to add a new class instead of just attaching a new method to whatever class is vaguely related to the area -- or writing methods that run on for hundreds of lines.

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