Anyone know of a bluetooth amplifier? Would like to be able to get the signal from my desktop out to the garden ~80 feet.

Unfortunately asking DDG just gets you an endless pile of SEO/affiliate link laden crap. i can safely say that due to regulatory reasons your best bet is to replace the antennas on the devices


There really needs to be a filter for this. It's impossible to do anything on the internet these days.


There's pro audio gear (like wireless mic or guitar packs) but that might be $$$ and/or ocercomplicating things... maybe used though.

Or one of those FM car jack things, but they're probably similarly low power.

Do you have a ham license? :blob_gnikniht: :bloblight:


It's one of those problems where it's not a big enough issue to spend $$$, but also since it's not a big issue, I don't want to spend hours fiddling with poorly made things that don't quite work.

I feel like take this signal that on a public frequency and rebroadcast it is a fairly common problem that I have for a mirade of devices... not just bluetooth. That there isn't an all-in-one thing that I just plug in and does this is probably due to a lack of my knowledge in this area or (as purple mentioned) regulatory stuff.

No ham license though.

@lordbowlich @float13 Could a cantenna help..? Works well with wifi so why not Bluetooth. Wish I had any experience to share.

@lordbowlich @human_equivalent

Some of the live concert wireless receivers (?) have a cylindrical plastic antenna form, with a loosely spaced coil shaped antenna wrapped around it... I've always wondered if that design is related to the cantenna

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